REECE MASTIN Releases New Single ‘The River’

Rock ‘n’ roll young gun,  Reece Mastin is set to reinforce his hard earned place on the Australian rock circuit with new single, The River, which was released on Friday, 20 March.

The distinctive voice that made Reece Mastin a household name owns this track, which hits all the classic rock ballad hallmarks and combines his cool, native British rock sensibilities with true-blue Aussie rock chops for a sound that has caught the attention and support of legends like Jimmy Barnes, Diesel and Chris Cheney (The Living End).

Representing a significant turning point in the young artist’s life, The River was written when Reece emerged from drowning his sorrows at the local bar to see a clear path to a brighter, happier future, and ultimately led to the creation of a new record, slated for release in 2020.

“I’m in such a good place personally and professionally now,” said Mastin, who has been very open about the damaging effects of his time as a 16-year old X-Factor pop idol, a mould that just didn’t fit.  

“This song is important for me to share as it marks the end of that tough transition from manufactured pop-star to independent rocker, where I finally feel my true self.

I kind of did my career in reverse, starting with a record deal, instant fame and a career that was out of my control, to now being totally independent and responsible for every facet of my career, and I’m loving it!”

Since capturing Australian hearts and topping the charts in 2011, Reece Mastin has reinvented his music career releasing two rock records and regularly performing alongside music legends at festivals around the country, proving time and again that raw talent and rock ‘n’ roll are at his core.

“This track was recorded fully live, there’s no tricks, edits or help. I really want my guitar parts and vocals to sound exactly the same live as they do on the record,” said Mastin, who worked with renowned producer, Ricky Rae, on the single. 

“The song starts out as a beautiful ballad and then we bring it home like our live shows – with powerful, signature Mastin Rock N Roll! Big vocals. Big guitars. Big energy!”

With a new song, tour and album in the works, Australia had better get ready to see the master of reinvention do what he does best – ROCK!

Purchase/Listen to The River by Reece Mastin now, released 20 March on all digital platforms.

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