JORDAN MERRICK Releases Single ‘Millennial Blues’

‘Millennial Blues’ Radio Premiere on Double J (March 16)

“It has lust and desire, it’s got doubt and it’s got wanton feels all over it.” (AU Review)

“It’s an anachronistic yet essentially timeless sound that Merrick has crafted for himself” The Music

“Merrick’s music has never sound more dynamic and fluid than ever” – AAA Backstage

“It’s a beautiful song.” – Roots N All, Triple J [about Untitled #1]

One of Brisbane’s favourite folk singer-songwriters, Jordan Merrick, has not slowed down since the release of his debut album ‘Night Music’ (released October 2019) and with his new single Millennial Blues (out NOW) he is returning to his roots.

In Merrick‘s debut album, he explored a new sound from that of his previous two EP’s (released in 2017). Venturing through blues, folk, rock, country and elements of vaudeville, this studio project involved big arrangements comprised of layers of instruments.

Together, Merrick‘s debut album and previous EP’s have seen support from Triple JDouble JABC RadioRAGEMTV AustraliatheMusicPile RatsAU ReviewRhythms Mag and community radio where he has landed in the AMRAP charts a number of times.

Now, for Millennial Blues, Merrick has returned to his humble sound made simply with his poetic lyrics and an acoustic guitar. Merrick creates a settling and peaceful mood with his feathery touch on the guitar and his distinct Australiana vocal tone. Despite the lyrics contemporary message, Merrick’s sound opens a doorway to a distant, simpler time.

Jordan Merrick describes the meaning behind Millennial Blues:

“‘Millennial Blues’ chronicles the world my generation was born into – the social media age where we’re constantly surrounded by the pressure of appearance and image. We’re a generation amassing stupendous debt to get qualifications to one day pay off said debt.”


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