PREMIERE: GUTTERFIRE! Unleash ‘Quantum Bacterium’

Photo Credit: Brian Malice

Brisbane’s sludgy desert alt rock party bringers, GUTTERFIRE! have done it again! The guys have delivered yet another track that is set to be played on loop by fans and listeners because that beefy deep sludgy sound that we have come to love and expect from GUTTERFIRE! is delivered in full force with this latest release. 

Proudly premiered here at Good Call Live, GUTTERFIRE! presents: Quantum Bacterium

Quantum Bacterium was recorded at Bedlam Records with the talented Brock Weston (of Bugs fame) behind the desk and absolute wizard Tyson Ruth of Studio Truth on mastering duties and is the third single released from the band; it comes after their previous two releases, Jaws Of The Universe and For Hela. Thus making it a trilogy of sludgy single releases all recorded within the first sixth months of GUTTERFIRE! playing gigs together! 

Quantum Bacterium is about a paradox; a feeling of being two conflicting things at once. With the main riffs being written by bassist, X-man, the song was then jammed out with the whole band and carefully crafted into what you hear today. Frontman and star of the new music video, Photon Jon tells us about how the name of the song came about: 

“The day I named the song I was trying to think of a way to properly get that conflicted feeling across. I read a lot of science books and knew that things can theoretically exist in multiple states at once on the quantum level. So I jumped onto some of my favourite science websites and in the news section of one of them I found an article claiming that a bacteria had been discovered that was so small it was affected by quantum physics and could potentially exist in two different states at the same time. The title came pretty quickly after that.”

The music video was filmed in Brisbane amongst some picturesque mangroves and bushland and was directed by Glen Wauchop of Berserker, whom the band also worked with on their last two clips. Photon Jon comments on the video: 

“We went a bit different for this one and chose to ditch the slapstick of the last two for something a bit more reflective. The visuals of local nature felt really important to us given what this country went through earlier in the year, but the uneasiness in the way that a lot of it is filmed sort of speaks to the collective anxiety at the moment. Then there’s just me walking around like a dweeb, feeling all of those things.”

Artwork by Nonsky Art – Follow on Facebook: Nonsky – Art of Nelson Donsky

GUTTERFIRE!’s debut album is set for release later this year. So stay tuned to their socials for more details and a release date to come soon.

Quantum Bacterium will be available on all streaming platforms tomorrow at 12pm

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