ASPY JONES Releases New Single ‘Come Alive’

Aspy Jones releases his new single Come Alive recorded in Brisbane by James North Productions.

Come Alive is a power pop song with a very serious message. “Come Alive was written about women who I see, spending their lives trying to make other people happy but not thinking about their own happiness”, says Aspy,  “I am surrounded by strong, independent women and it saddens me when I see other women who are not in control of their own lives and their future is in the power of someone or something else. I wrote this song to encourage them to be the person they want to be and I hope they find the strength to do that”.  

Listen to Come Alive HERE

Twenty-two-year-old Aspy Jones was shocked that his debut EP ‘Tantamount’, was such a success. It was funded by the Regional Arts Fund and three of the tracks released reached the top of the Triple J Unearthed Charts. Aspy has been entertaining crowds at venues and festivals across Queensland including the Gympie Music Muster, Rockhampton River Festival, Rush Festival, Hervey Bay Seafood Festival, Peregian Originals, Hot 91 Fire in the Sky and was even showcased at the Sunshine Coast Music Industry Conference, Turn Up.

Aspy Jones did not have the easiest of childhoods and was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at 8 years old. “Finding a place in the world is not easy for people with autism”, says Aspy, “And I was embarrassed for a long time, but now I think my different ability helps my creativity as a songwriter”. Aspy’s unique character, great sense of humour and personality always spills out into his lyrics. “Song writing is my life, I write songs to try and entertain, encourage or just to connect with people. I always feel really happy when someone says they relate to my lyrics”, says Aspy, “I also love messing around with the words and making them fit, it’s like a verbal game of Tetris”.

Come Alive is out now on all music platforms.


We LOVE the new track and we are also really digging on an older track of Aspy‘s – check out the music video for Not Good Enough here…

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