ALBUM REVIEW: Kingswood – ‘Juveniles’

Words by Natalie Blacklock

It is no secret that rock and roll is a way of life and let me tell you something for nothing, the new wave of Australian rock and roll is simply next level. There’s a uniquely sexy and exciting swagger about it that I don’t think you fully understand unless you’ve been brought up on it. Bands like Grinspoon, Jebediah and Gyroscope led the way in the 1900s and 2000s but now the new guard including bands like Kingswood are cementing their place firmly at the top of their game in Australia and indeed further afield as they move to expand their sound overseas.

Kingswood are: Fergus Linacre (Vocals), Alex Laska (Guitar / Vocals), Braiden Michetti (Bass / Backing Vocals), and Josh Koop (Drums / Backing Vocals).

Melbourne outfit Kingswood burst onto the scene in 2012 and following the release of three singles Yeah Go Die, Medusa and She’s My Baby, the 4-piece were supporting acts including The Living End, British India and were the named Triple J Unearthed Winners for a slot at Splendour In The Grass. In 2013, Kingswood played a national tour with Grinspoon and were also fixtures on Groovin’ The Moo, Big Pineapple Music Festival, Golden Days and the final Big Day Out festival run. Since then, the band have released two full-length of albums (‘Microscopic Wars’ and ‘After Hours, Close To Dawn’) and have earnt themselves stacks of fans across the country and indeed the globe after supporting the likes of ACDC and Aerosmith, and having embarked on many tours across Europe and North America.

Kingswood’s third studio album ‘Juveniles’ sees the band return to their classic rock sound that first gained attention from fans across Australia and the world. A truly global record, their new music came to fruition across multiple writing and recording sessions across the US, UK and Europe with Guitarist Alex Laska saying  “The album we’re finally presenting was an incredibly long and winding investigation through many different facets and avenues; almost a rediscovery, if you will, of who we are and what we find inspiring.”


  1. You Make It So Easy
  2. Bittersweet
  3. Ready Steady
  4. Say You Remember
  5. If Only
  6. Snakepit
  7. Cigarettes In Bed
  8. Cross My Heart
  9. Marilyn
  10. One More Dance
  11. Candy Blue
  12. Young, Charming & Funny

Kingswood are quite literally diving headfirst back into confident rock territory with ‘Juveniles’ – and coming in at just over 40 minutes, it’s the perfect length for a sneaky weekend road trip. You Make It So Easy is the perfect album opener – hard, fast and sexy as hell; full of wickedly melodic guitar licks, thunderous drums from the powerhouse that is Josh Koop, and a bassline so deep you can feel it deep inside your soul. This track is the perfect driving song – as your fists clench, shoulders pull back and your hands drum along on the steering wheel, you know that this is going to be one hell of a ride. The second track, Bittersweet signifies a renewed sense of sonic self as it embraces all things raw and riffy, straddling some Queens Of The Stone Age-esque fuzz and rasp with pumping hooks and sparkling production that would undeniably be a certified banger in a live setting. Ready Steady is a bit of a change of pace, but is super groovy in its own way – with the chanting of its title throughout adding to the ambience. Dripping in bravado and tasteful falsettos, Say You Remember is pumped full to-the-brim with throbbing riffs and a devil-may-care attitude. Complete with a smooth cinematic film clip, dusted with hints of sepia-toned nostalgia, this track is like a journey of self-discovery with energy and excitement to burn. If Only sounds a little bit Brit-Pop in its instrumentation as Frontman Fergus Linacre’s vocals glide along the surface of the track so delicately, as he sings about “two hearts dancing in the dark”. Snakepit starts off quite dark and could be easily mistaken for a DZ Deathrays song with the guitar riffs right from the outset. Lightening up to gang vocals in the chorus and just the right amount of Tamborine, this feels like a solid Kingswood track of old, with a fresh new twist. Halfway through the record, the foot tapping is back with Cigarettes In Bed, which definitely hits the spot. This track is a little bit Gang of Youths and a little bit of a headbanger, making it a definite standout track of the record (I already knew all the words after one listen!) Laska’s vocals shine on the smooth, groovy and loved-up as hell Cross My Heart, which is sure to get stuck in your head in an instant. Marilyn is a super-sexy guitar driven number and as we’ve come to expect from Kingswood, this will be a track that absolutely transcends in a live setting. One More Dance is definitely a change of pace and tips its hat not only the global nature of the record, but also to its recording in the home of country music, Nashville. Candy Blue follows in the same vein, but has a really strong Pixies vibe to it – particularly through the chorus. Closing out the record is the super catchy Young, Charming & Funny – presenting the perfect end to ‘Juveniles’, showcasing all of the best bits of the Kingswood camp – moments of soaring guitars, cheeky lyricism and hypnotic melodies.  

The journey towards the release of ‘Juveniles’ has been one paved creative reinvention. Throughout the album, fans can piece together definitive elements of music that has formed Kingswood’s dynamic musical identity over the course of eight years of touring and recording. Looking more broadly at Kingswood’s body of work and at ‘Juveniles’ as a whole record, the progression and stylistic arrangement of the band’s latest work represents their genre-diverse tapestry of individual music tastes and is a marker of important things to come. If you haven’t got around Kingswood before, this album and their upcoming tour is definitely the place to start.

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