MATTHEW MUNRO Releases Debut Single ‘Sold My Soul’

Matthew Munro may have sold his soul, but it looks like the return has been worth it.  With his debut single Sold My Soul released today, Munro may be singlehandedly responsible for bringing the dangers of a Faustian pact to the good folk of Bundaberg.

Recorded at Love Hz Studios in Sydney, Sold My Soul  was produced by Matt Fell, who has worked with artists including Sara StorerFanny LumsdenShane Nicholson, and Travis Collins to name a few.  It’s an impressive list, and Munro has been rewarded for his talent and hard work with opportunities to support CollinsLumsden and Swift, as well as Brad Butcher and Bill Chambers.

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Sold My Soul is, says Munro‘a look at all the things you think are important in life, like the good-looking girl, moving away from a small town, only to discover that the grass isn’t always greener. Sometimes it doesn’t go to plan and you just end up questioning life.’

Yes, sometimes it doesn’t go to plan, but sometimes it actually does.  This is something Munro can attest to – he picked up a role in ‘The Sound of Music’ at just 12 years of age and has since been dedicated to surrounding himself with the sound of music.  He has studied at both the junior and senior streams of the Academy of Country Music in Tamworth and is now embarking on a solo journey into the industry and, well, life.

Though just 20 years of age, Munro has played the Lighthouse FestivalChilders Festival and appeared at the Tamworth Country Music Festival for the past five years, performing in many TSA and Emerging Artists shows. He’s also a regular on the Bundaberg gig circuit, selling his soul for a cold beer and the punters’ hearts.

It’s in Bundaberg that Munro will launch Sold My Soul, at a gig at Oodies Café on the 6th of March.  Get there if you can, because you may well be selling your soul for a ticket to see Munro in the future.

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Sold My Soul Single Launch

6th March – Oodies Cafe, Bundaberg

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