MENTAL DISASTER Release New Album ‘The Repulsive Abomination’ + Release New Single ‘Bow To The Blade’

Norwegian Death Metallers Mental Disaster have recently released their new album digitally ,’The Repulsive Abomination’ via Death To Music Productions. Their song Bow To The Blade was premiered by Extreme Underground Songs PremiereThe song has been taken from their upcoming full-length album ‘The Repulsive Abomination’The album is also released on CD on the 10th of April.

‘The Repulsive Abomination’ is a heavy mix of groove-based Death Metal, punishing technical drumming, guttural vocals and traditional Death Metal themes. This is a great blend of what we term the ‘Scandinavian’ sound crossed with Deicide, Slayer and classic Morbid Angel. To quote one of the reviews: “The band performs first class death metal turned into a black, misanthropic, cannibalistic, blasphemous outcome with the antithesis being that the end result is great for the fans of this genre.”

Mental Disaster are: Bernt Sørensen – Guitar Jan Åge Lindeland – Vocals Bengt Orstad – Bass David Olsen – Drums.

Mental Disaster hails from the southern part of Norway, also known as the ‘Bible belt’, but do not be fooled – this is in no way a ‘bible group’! They were formed back in 2011 by the four present members. They have released two full-length albums, ‘Let the Demon Speak’ in 2013 and ‘Raping the Symbol of Humanity’ in 2016. The press wrote about ‘Raping the Symbol of Humanity’: “‘Raping the Symbol of Humanity’ first surprises or even shocks with the offensive cover artwork especially for those most sensitive to religious topics. The music on the 10 tracks featured in a bit over half an hour of playing time, is a brutal, fast and aggressive Thrash Metal heavily influenced by Death Metal”.

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