SINGLE REVIEW: Hugo Stranger & The Rattlers – ‘Hold On’

Words by Shannon-Lee Sloane – The Colourful Writer

Brisbane is full of hidden gems when it comes to music. I discover them all the time and it makes my heart so warm and happy. This year I discovered one such gem; Hugo Stranger & The Rattlers. Their sound is a combination of blues rock, surf rock and spaghetti western, it’s a delectable mix of just the right blend of these genres and the result is music that will have you moving and grooving and singing along whether you are seeing them live or listening at home. 

The guys kicked off 2020 with their debut single release, By Your Side and have followed up swiftly with their latest release, Hold On. The newbie, a heavier track than the last with a deep blues rock feel to this one. I love By Your Side but I am a little obsessed with Hold On. It’s catchy as heck and I find myself singing it throughout the day even if I haven’t listened to it in the last 24 hours. A sign of a good song for me, is one I can’t get outta’ my head! “Gimme danger, little stranger; I won’t protest” probably my favourite line from the song.

The song tells a story of an unrequited love of sorts; a story originally told in poem format and then put to music to create the song. Frontman Tom Harrison explains: 

“The song was originally a poem written in 2011 whilst I was travelling through Europe. I woke up at the St. Louis station and was thinking about a best friend that I had fallen for but she was with someone else. So I confessed my feelings before travelling Europe for six months.

It’s the heaviest song on the record and initially was written as a folk song many moons ago, but when brought to the band it had evolved into something inspired by 60’s garage royalty The Sonics with a touch of The Kinks too.”

There’s a newly released music video to go along with the new song;  a mash up of live footage of Hugo Stranger & The Rattlers that just makes me itch to catch them live as soon as possible.

As I sit here listening to their music, they give me a feel of a mixture of Cage The Elephant, Eric Clapton and The Black Keys with just a hint of The Atlantics and with the addition of something sounding like it is straight out of a spaghetti western TV show or movie! As I said previously, the blend is just perfection and I can’t get enough of it. 

Hold On is the second release from their upcoming debut album and if these two tracks are what we have to go by, I can not wait for the rest of the album! 

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