HUGO STRANGER & THE RATTLERS Release New Single ‘Hold On’

After releasing their debut single, By Your Side last month, Brisbane’s spaghetti western, surf blues rockers, Hugo Stranger & The Rattlers are back with another new and heavier track, Hold On. 

Hold On is the second song to be released from the bands upcoming debut album and was recorded and mixed at The Moon Room by Nell Forster, and mastered by Matthew Grey. Where By Your Side gave us a lighter feel, Hold On is said to be the heaviest track from the upcoming album, frontman, Tom Harrison explains:

It’s the heaviest song on the record and initially was written as a folk song many moons ago, but when brought to the band it had evolved into something inspired by 60’s garage royalty The Sonics with a touch of The Kinks too.”

The song was written from the heart; a bluesy rock love song of sorts, taken from a poem written of unrequited love. Tom gives us some insight into the story behind the song: 

“The song was originally a poem written in 2011 whilst I was travelling through Europe. I woke up at the St. Louis station and was thinking about a best friend that I had fallen for but she was with someone else. So I confessed my feelings before travelling Europe for six months.”

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