SAORSA Returns With New Single ‘The Good Life’

Brimming with melody and sweet energy, Sydney songwriter Saorsa (pronounced Sir-sha) releases her first hit of new music for the year in The Good Life. A track that explores the warmth and contentment two people can share with one another, The Good Life is a bright feel-good song that brings Saorsa right back onto radars for 2020.

First making an impact in 2018 with her debut single Ghost and then last year with the striking Relationship Rules, Saorsa has become an artist to watch emerging out of Sydney’s thriving indie pop scene.

Recorded at her home studio in Sydney, Saorsa (aka Sarah Tuckerman) mixes chilled out pop music with neo-soul and lo-fi R&B influences to achieve this easy listening final result. Drawing from experiences in her own relationship, Saorsa explains that The Good Life reflects a lot on her approach to songwriting, and her love for finding the good in things and living in the moment. “I really wanted to draw inspiration from the quirky intricacies that people experience in relationships, whether that be not liking bananas, or dancing in the kitchen whilst the rice is cooking. It’s these unique connections and idiosyncrasies which, I believe, make life and relationships so exciting.” Saorsa

Bringing the feel-good vibes to the screen for the official music video, Saorsa worked with Teel Studios and directed the narrative. Gorgeous colours, humour and a poolside relax form the basis for the video, all bolstering the song’s overarching themes of taking it easy and being comfortable in your own space. “I feel like the world, particularly Australia of late has been plagued with tragedy and natural disasters. The track transports me to a place where I can revel in the happy times. It’s really about allowing yourself to bask in the good things, focus on love, life and being grateful for all that you have.” Saorsa

The Good Life is released Friday February 14th.

“While chilled electro-pop is becoming more and more dominant in the Aussie music scene, it’s rare that we hear a new voice that has this clarity and soul but doesn’t obstruct the stunning production. Saorsa has made that balancing act look easy and pulled it off with flair, style and an effortless cool that you just can’t fake.”
Purple Sneakers
“Saorsa continues to build herself as one of the most exciting emerging artists in Aussie music.”
Happy Mag
“V, v smooth. It’s low key and smokey.”
Triple J Unearthed, Dave Ruby Howe

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