Q&A’s: With RACKETT On New Single ‘OXYTOXIC’

Interview by Ash Wallace

Futuristic electro punk chic Rebecca Callander AKA RACKETT has just released her new track OXYTOXIC following the experimental single Machinations. OXYTOXIC was written with the help of Dave Hammer (JEFFE, Lime Cordiale) in Sydney and further showcases this new direction of music after parting ways with previous members of the group. Now a standalone act, retracing steps of punk, this time with added modern electronic and dance elements. 

Creatively contrasted and masterfully produced, OXYTOXIC is infectious and punchy, and an innovative look into the future of electro punk music. When I listen to this song and close my eyes, I’m in a dark rave club in the underbelly on the city, flashes of coloured light and the taste of alcohol in my mouth are present with nothing but the music on my mind.

Lucky for us at Good Call Live we had a little chat with RACKETT about the new track, inspirations and her picks for the next big act. 

I can’t stop listening to your new single OXYTOXIC, can you tell us a little about the track?

Thank you. The idea for the song came about when I was exploring my obsession with love. I was exploring what the difference between love and lust were and came across an article on Oxytocin. Oxytocin is the love chemical the body produces, that’s when I came up with a label for my obsession, Oxytoxic. I took the word into a songwriting session with Dave Hammer and we built on the idea. Everything about this song is HYPER. That’s what Oxytoxic means to me, a hyperactive, frenzied state, frantically looking for love.

What inspired this futuristic electro-punk sound? 

To me, punk is about rebelling. I rebelled against myself, I used the style of music I’d already been creating, the standard ‘punk’ template and went in the opposite direction. Punk is about change, evolution, so I approached pop with that mindset. 

You have a few single launch shows coming up, what can we expect from the live performances?

My new live show is different from anything you’ve seen me do before. Expect to see me singing and dancing with my bass player KJ holding it down. I’ve got all new music, no old RACKETT. It’s fierce, fun and in your face. The line ups I’ve personally curated are insane, I’ve picked artists that are up and coming, forward-thinking music makers and I can’t wait to see them shine at my shows. 

Recently you went over to Japan to play some shows, what’s the Japanese live music scene like in comparison to Australia?

Japan and Australia are different in that Japan is very strict on time and have rituals that are built on comradery. Every artist is treated equally, there is no hierarchy. Before shows, everyone is formally introduced to each other and after shows, there is a dinner supplied by the venue that the artists attend and celebrate the show. Sound systems are huge, rooms are tiny but there is no drinks rider, the priority is musicianship and delivering an excellent show over having a few drinks and jumping up.

Which artists do you think will make it big this year?

Asta, Doolie, Jaguar Jones, Dante Knows, Lovemedo, Yen Strange, Tee Elishha, NVSTY MIlitia, Copper Feel, Amyl and The Sniffers, Battlesnake, Timi Temple.

Dream collab?

Charli XCX

If you were running for president, what would your slogan be?

Cut shapes, not funding.

What direction do you see your music going this year, do you have any big 2020 goals?

My goals for 2020 are to release all my new music, play to as many people as possible and connect and collaborate with forward-thinking artists.

You can listen and stream OXYTOXIC here and you can make sure to catch RACKETT on tour:

RACKETT Tour dates

Friday January 24thThe Foundry, Brisbane – Free entry

Thursday February 6thOxford Arts Factory, Sydney – with Dante Knows, Lovemedo, Yen Strange – Tickets

Saturday February 8thYah Yah’s, Melbourne – with Tee Elishha, NVSTY Militia, V, Cooper Feel Tickets

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