GIG REVIEW: Obituary + Supports, Woolly Mammoth Mane Stage, Brisbane, 16/01/2020


Words by Carly Gibbs

Photos by Tam Schilling Tamcam Images

Obituary, to this day, remains one of the most influential bands in the Death Metal scene and 2020 sees the 30th anniversary of their groundbreaking and classic album, ‘Cause of Death’.  Australian fans rejoiced when the announcement was made that they would be touring and playing the album in full, with some shows selling out well before the Death Metal royalty were to violently hit our shores.  Brisbane being one of them.  Obituary was welcomed to our River City by humid temperatures, grey skies and a sea of loyal fans clad in many shades of black and it was set to be a night of demonic enjoyment for the annals of history.    

I arrived at the Woolly Mammoth to a queue that was already cascading down the stairs and out onto the footpath below and regimentally took my position at the bottom, waiting patiently to ascend.  I was looking forward to heading in early to see those local environmental thrash metallers,

F.U.C., kick off the night but it seemed that everyone else had the same idea too and the line was at a snail’s pace.   Swiftly, one of the venue managers made his way up the stairs to find out what was halting the entry of so many of his excited patrons.  He sorted it out very quickly but not quickly enough for me to make it in before the first couple of songs were dusted.  Once I did make it through the door moments later, I was met with a stage awash with neon green mankini’s and man flesh and I can tell ya, I ain’t half mad about it! 


Already, the place was more than half full and punters were down front row and centre banging their heads.  F.U.C’s set was fast and furious and fun and I’m spewing that I wasn’t there for the whole thing.  I’ll just have to make sure to come back for the Wacken Metal Battle Australia competition early enough to see them take on their opponents on the 8th and 9th of February.  They finished their set with The Elephant Song which is quite literally what its name reveals.  “This is a song about an elephant, about a bbrrrrrrr, a fucking elephant.”  I couldn’t help but laugh out loud with the hilarity of the song and the grown men down the front waving their arms around like elephant trunks.  F.U.C are a good time!


If you didn’t know who Wormrot were before you sure as fuck were going to leave with their name stamped on your lips now.  This grindcore 3-piece from Singapore came out and ripped the crowd limb from limb with their intense, sonic vitriol.  Absolutely eviscerating in every sense of the word.  Whether you are a fan of grindcore or not you there is no way you could leave this show without having been blown away by their sheer power and brutality.  They played the first two tracks and then afterwards apologised for technical difficulties that, to be quite honest, I had not even detected.  Unless it was the retina melting lights that flashed on over the crowd for an uncomfortable amount of time then I must have completely missed it.  Whatever it was, it was to no detriment to the performance and they kept grinding along at an unfathomable pace.  I don’t know a whole lot of Wormrot’s back catalogue but I am pretty sure they back announced a catchy little 40 second bruiser called Back Stabber Mission Aborted which caught my ear with thrash elements and that classic grindcore abrasiveness.  I would highly recommend checking Wormrot out live if you ever get the chance.  It’s a full out assault on your senses and one that should be experienced by any fan of extreme metal. 


Finally, what everybody had been patiently waiting for.  Obituary, mount the stage in all of their glory under a cloak of long, shiny locks, egged on by rabid fans who have been waiting eagerly for this moment.  They kick straight into it, playing Redneck Stomp which immediately sets necks breaking in unison.  A couple of favourites warming us up ready for the intro to Infected, into Body Bag and then into the rest of that absolute classic ‘Cause of Death’.  They sounded just as heavy and as tight as they do on the album but with the added gold lining of the live experience and are still brutal as ever. 


Earlier in the night I remember thinking that the air conditioning was actually surprisingly cool but that ship had sailed and the room was now hot and sticky.  Which is really how, I think, you should feel after any good show.  Aggression, brutality, technicality and groove, it was all there and the crowd were lapping it up like a box of wine to a 10-day dry alcoholic.  They finished Chopped in Half and walked off stage to a raucous audience.  After a brief pause they triumphantly returned, like I’m sure the majority of the room knew they would and finished off their trifecta of blows to the head including Slowly We Rot

I contemplated going back to the merch table for round two on the way out but it looked like it had been fleeced pretty hard so I sauntered past, keen to be outside to bask in the Obituary afterglow.  If you are in one of the Southern states and want to try and snag one of the last remaining tickets for Hobart on Sunday the 19th Jan you can do so HERE.

Unfortunately, Sydney and Melbourne are already sold out! 

Tour Dates
Adelaide – Lions Art Factory Jan 14th
Perth – Badlands Jan 15th
Brisbane – Woolly Mammoth Jan 16th – SOLD OUT
Sydney – The Metro Jan 17th – SOLD OUT
Melbourne – Max Watts Jan 18th – SOLD OUT
Hobart – Altar Jan 19th

Obituary are also lending a hand with our horrendous bushfires by setting up a gofund me page which you can donate to HERE

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