Interview: Level H Set to Conquer With New EP

Level H at Mo’s Desert Clubhouse – Photo by Elizabeth Sharpe – Ummagummamumma – Live Music Photography

Interview by Carly Gibbs

The boys from Level H have been going from strength to strength on the Australian heavy scene, playing across the East Coast and alongside some of the most brutal and biggest names in both Australian and International metal.  Now they are here with some vicious new tracks from their new EP ‘Conquer’.  I was able to have a chat with Shayden Georgeff, Level H’s bassist, ahead of the launch and gain a bit of insight on what we are in for and how the band are feeling about the release. 

So, tonight the 17th you are launching your brand new EP ‘Conquer’ at Mo’s Desert Clubhouse.  You must be pretty pumped about it!? 

“Yeah definitely!  Definitely keen for that, we are very keen to play with all of the bands on the lineup.”

Can you tell me a little about who’s supporting you and what we can expect from the night? 

“We’ve got 3 local Gold Coaster’s – Upon a Falling Empire, Harbour the Code and Emotion Killer.” 

Have you played with any of them before this?

“No, we haven’t actually, I’ve met a couple of the guys from Harbour the Code before and a couple of members of Emotion Killer when we were in the old Level H lineup back in the day.  So yeah, it’s going to be a good night!”

It must be a nice feeling to be able to launch the EP in a local venue like Mo’s especially since it’s owned by Christian from Beats Cartel who is such a heavyweight in the music community.  Is it one of the bands favourite venues to play?

“Yeah, we’ve played there before.  I think it was with Hollow World last year.   Christian’s a nice dude, really supportive and it has a cool rehearsal space too.  It’s definitely a good venue.”

A few weeks ago,  back on the 6th December, you released Vigorous which was the first track that we’ve had a taste of from the new EP.  How has the reaction been to it so far?

“We released the video on YouTube just over a month ago, I think, and we’ve got over 1000 views on that now.” 

Awesome!  Have you been able to sneak it into any live sets prior to its release?

“Yeah, we have been playing it for a while, probably 6 months or so.  There’s a sick breakdown in it that always goes off and is a fun song to play.”

When I first heard it, I was instantly like ‘aghh’ and you get that scrunched up, metal face.  It was really brutal, I really enjoyed it.
“Yeah, you can feel it coming, for sure!”

You worked with Chandler from Grey Area on the video for Vigorous and it’s an absolute killer.  Have you worked together before or was this a first?

“We did a video for The Sundew Trial with him, a live video last year, I think it was.  The Sundew Trial’s a track that we re-recorded for the EP as well so it’s an old one that’s been sort of refreshed.  Chandler is a good dude.  He definitely helped us out with that one and made it look very quality.”

It looks awesome and there’s a heap of up shots that make you all look, metaphorically, 10 foot tall!

“Yeah that was sick.  Good fun.”

Where did you shoot the video?  Was there anyone else involved in the filming?

“No that was it.  We booked Expressive Grounds on the Coast that we hired out for a night and shot it there.  It was just us 5.  It took a few hours but it was easy.”

Easy when you are doing something that you enjoy, hey?  The Ep was recorded at Core Studios with Nik Carpenter who has a ton of experience and is very highly regarded.  Are you happy with what you were able to produce there at Core and did you have a good experience during recording?

“Absolutely, it was really fun.  We went in and did Vigorous first and obviously we were super happy with it.  Expectations were blown up and then we went back in and re-recorded the rest with him. We’ve got another track called Conquer which we are super proud of. ”

I was just about to ask you about Conquer actually.  A couple of Sunday’s ago I heard Cameron and Reece on 4zzz’s The Doc and the Metal Maiden debut the title track off the EP, ‘Conquer’, for the first time on air which sounded absolutely brutal.  They mentioned that Jack is a massive Lord of the Rings fan and the lyrics for Conquer are centred around that.  Is the rest of the EP in that vein too or is this just a one off?   

“He loves Lord of the Rings, he’s always going on about it.  There’s a song called Sons of Odin as well on the EP.  Jack’s writing is all sort of around that sort of thing which is cool.  It’s fun for him to write. ”

Yeah definitely, if he’s connecting with it than that’s a good thing.  I know that you had mentioned that you re-recorded The Sundew Trial for this EP but do you think your sound has changed much on this EP, ‘Conquer’, compared to what your fan’s may have heard live before?

“Yeah, I think so.  These are all songs that we sort of had that we’ve never recorded before.  Like Conquer, Vigorous and Sons of Odin were ones that we had in our back pocket.  But I think going into the studio and recording them and actually sitting down we were able to put our own spin on them a bit more which was fun to do.  Yeah, so we have developed our sound.  Definitely live as well with Reece joining the band on drums.”

Has Reece had a chance to put his stamp on the tracks yet?

“Yeah definitely.  I do some of the clean vocals and Reece does gutturals now too so it all blends in.”

Apart from the buzz around ‘Conquer’s’ launch this weekend, you’ve also scored yourself a spot next month supporting Denmark’s Artillery at Vinnies which is really exciting.  Are you looking forward to that?

“Super keen for that one!  I actually sat down and had a listen to them recently, they’re pretty sick.  Pretty keen, pretty nervous but it’ll be a fun night.” 

I know that we’ve only just begun the year but have you got any other big plans for 2020 that we should keep an eye out for?

“We are sort of writing some new material, always working on that.  I wouldn’t mind fitting in a tour sometime at the end of the year.  Maybe an East Coast tour.  We did a few shows, I think it was 2018, when we got in a van and went to Sydney and Melbourne so it would be fun to do that again.  Maybe stop at a few more places.”

‘Conquer’ is now available to the world on Spotify, Apple Music and all streaming platforms.

You can join the boys from Level H for their EP launch TONIGHT at Mo’s Desert Clubhouse by following the link HERE

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