EP REVIEW: Warrior Within – In Light Act II

Words by Carly Gibbs

Sunny Coast thrash metallers Warrior Within are set to release their second EP, ‘In Light Act II’ on 8 February 2020.  This comes as a follow up to their first EP ‘In Darkness Act I’ that was released on 12 May 2018 and saw them booking gigs and furiously playing to excited fans across Queensland throughout last year.

The band have been playing in varying different forms since 1992 and have been honing their brutal thrashy-speed metal sound ever since.  With the departure of their drummer Craig Macintyre back in January 2019, they wasted no time in finding a replacement in the experienced Dan Stixx and sent Craig off in demonic style by playing a farewell gig at Sweethearts Café Eudlo.  Fellow Sunshine Coast neck wreckers, Black Banner, also completed this stellar little line up.

The band are purveyors of good, wholesome thrash metal and their lyrics delve into social, political and esoteric ideas both on ‘In Darkness Act I’ and also on ‘In Light Act II.’  Perfectly appropriate and relatable, considering our current political climate.  The boys are becoming somewhat veterans on the local scene and have played festivals and gigs such as Containment, Bangers and Thrash, Metal United Down Under, Garage Sounds at The Back Room, the Shredfest pre show party at Vinnies Dive and have killed it at much loved venues Rics, The Burpengary Hotel, Crowbar and the Prince of Wales.

The EP itself is a savage four song banger that opens with Constrainer and Scott’s evil and gravelly voice proclaiming “I am supreme ruler of all”, kicks straight into overdrive and doesn’t abate until the final track Awakening.  The closer to the EP entices you with sounds of lightly lapping waves on the shore, seagulls and a gentle, melodic riff before tearing that scene violently from your mind and hitting you full force with that gruff thrash riffage that they are so skilled at playing.  Maybe a juxtaposition paying homage to their shiny, azure home on the Sunshine Coast and the band itself.

Guitarist Tass has previously stated: “We have persevered through all adversity to release our music. To us Heavy Metal is not just entertainment, it’s a vehicle to explore a better reality.” which I cannot agree with more.  Music can be an emotional outlet, something that speaks to you in a primal way, a way to remove yourself from your current reality, a conduit to a parallel universe and is, in my opinion, the best damn drug out there!  

The artwork for ‘In Light Act II’ has now been revealed and you can check it out as well as pre ordering the EP via bandcamp HERE.

If you can’t wait for ‘In Light Act II’ you can also stream ‘In Darkness Act I’ through Spotify or take a look at the film clip for Opus on their YouTube channel –

It’s safe to say that Warrior Within have torn themselves a vicious path in the heats of Queensland metal heads but now have their sites firmly set on conquering Australia, and then the world!  Here’s to a massive 2020 and hopefully some more Sunny Coast shows too! 

Follow their take over via their Facebook page HERE.

Warrior Within are:
Scott Macintyre – Vocals
Tass Hadoulis – Rhythm / Lead Guitar
Apostolis Hadoulis – Bass
Dan Stixx – Drums

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