GIG REVIEW: Danny Worsnop + Supports, Woolly Mammoth Mane Stage, 18/12/2019

Danny Worsnop

Words by Tracey Moyle – Music Maven Events

Photographs by Elizabeth Sharpe (@Ummagummamumma) – Full gallery HERE

If you know Danny Worsnop you will understand that music is an artistic and emotional outlet for this guy. From the push-pull relationship as lead man of English metal band Asking Alexandria to his hard rock supergroup We Are Harlot and then a personal journey into two solo ventures with the country rock album ‘The Long Road Home’ and his latest venture delving deep into the blues with current album release ‘Shades of Blue’, there is no stopping the constant desire for something new with Worsnop.

He’s found his fit in the blues with his powerful, smoky vocals perfectly portraying the emotion needed.

Worsnop brings his solo tour to our blues-rock loving back yard with series of shows hitting the east coast.   He started off Wednesday night at Brisbane’s Woolly Mammoth Mane Stage to a gathering of dedicated fans happy to venture out mid-week to hear Danny belt out a tune or two.

The crowd were early and happy to wait patiently gathering around the bar and in the booths that flank the Mane Stage.

Lucid Louie

Tonights show’s openers were local rockers Lucid Louie.  Although these guys are known for their AC/DC tribute show they gave us some brilliant originals in their set with a big nod to the bluesy origins of rock.  Hailing from Brisbane these locals knew what the audience wanted from tonight and delivered well and truly.

Wild Bill opened the set easing into a night of rock with a steady but big classic sound.  Taking us into All I Need  kept the rock mood and had a classic Black Crows feel, with soulful blues and a good kick at the end. 

Voclaist Larry Attard gave us an insight into his cheeky demeanour with some banter about the next  number being a “song we wrote on a recent tour of Mt Gravatt”.  Got to love local humour.   

Jesse Attard on lead acoustic guitar showed skills beyond what you would expect from his youthful appearance with Find My Way Home raising heads around the room. His control over the acoustic gave the impression of more that one guitarist on stage besides himself and the bass. He definitely had the attention of the punters in the room with phone cameras on him from all corners.

It’s Alright had more of a whisky house blues feel which was followed by Jump Back,  an old school Aussie Rock vibe with vocalist Attard channelling Bon Scott in his apparent cheeky bastard character.

Simple man gave the crowd more of Jesse Attard’s skills on the acoustic followed by Larry’s rock ‘n’ roll humour  claiming “I probably won’t remember this in the morning because I’ve been drinking since 1974”.  Funny.  They finished with their latest release Pissed and Stoned, fast paced, old school rock.  A great start to the night.

Andy Mac

After a pack down of the backline and a refreshment from the bar more local talent as Andy Mac casually sauntered on stage with his acoustic in hand looking at home in front of the crowd.  He later stated he was nervous as it was his first originals show in a while but you would never have known.  He starts his set with no introduction and a completely different feel from the old school mojo we had with Lucid Louie to fresh acoustic melodic rock, looping his way through the tracks.  . 

Rain was the first of his songs giving us an introduction to his acoustic talent playing beautifully, easily grabbing the attention of the crowd after a big rock start to the night.

Emily took things to a slower pace and it was mesmerising watching Mac bring the music together for his one-man show.  His tone was great with a beautiful falsetto. Not Okay came nextand I have to mention the loved up couple dancing up front. Music brings out the best in people and tonight the feels were high with a friendly but intimate, party buzz around the room. He finished off winning hearts with a beautiful vibrato in his voice.

What’s a show without a cover these days right? It’s good when it’s done well and tapping the beat out, Mac took us into a good re-hashing of Rhianna’s Umbrella. 

Keeping mood light he went into Cinderella and then Story, his Col Clark guitar producing an deliciously crisp sound and a voice that is very easy to listen to.  Subway was the last song of the set and he finished off the night making a great return to the world of original music.  

A quick trip to the bar and then punters finding the floor up front ready for Worsnop to produce some magic. It didn’t take long before the show began. Taking the stage first was guitarist Kasper Jensen with Worsnop pausing to make the appropriate star entrance to the gathered fans.

Danny Worsnop

He opened the set with Ain’t Feeling Sorry from his latest album ‘Shades of Blue’ a giant leap away from his Asking Alexandria persona but nonetheless a brilliant journey through the blues.  A chilled vibe and some beautifully crisp playing from Jensen had us swaying to the soulful tune Little Did I Know. The crowd had taken up the floor space and a great party vibe was buzzing through the room.  A few guys up front looked like they felt the need to start a chilled out mosh dance thing.  They lasted about a minute.  Not the right vibe.

He took us into I Got Blues. The air in the room changed you can feel the experience of his turbulent life in his voice.  Music it feels is everything to Worsnop with conviction in his words. 

Jansen gave us chills with his brilliant playing in I’ve Been Down with shades of Gary Moore coming into my head.   A brand new song came next, soon to be released with Worsnop belting out a heartfelt blues vocal – “I could never find another you” having the crowd almost hypnotised. I have to say, the generally heavy Asking Alexandria front man was made to sing the blues. His versatility was obviously appreciated by everyone in the room.  The night continued with songs from both 2017’s country rock style ‘Long Road Home’ and this years’ latest blues release ‘Shades of Blue’. Amongst the songs, Best Bad Habit took us to a low heavy pure blues beat where we had the lovers slow dancing on the dance floor again, the mood was intimate with music filling the souls of everyone in the room. “When you’re rocking me, rolling me, loving me, holding me, what can I do”

Danny Worsnop

He kept the mood of the night on a high with Keep on Lovin’ getting the upbeat funky vibe going. He slides easily through the blues at all tempo’s.  He sings the songs written from a very personal creativity with conviction in his words.  He takes us into the heart of his lyrics and we feel every word.

Heading into the end of the set with Am I A Fool? from the new album and popular single Angels finishing up with Jansen making his guitar sing.  There was a great party atmosphere amongst the crowd. 

Back for the encore on his own Worsnop ended a great night with an acoustic version of Asking Alexandria’s Moving On sealing his place in the heart and soul of the blues fans and winning over Metal fans to the blues.   Music speaks volumes in any form.

If you love his music or if you just simply love good blues, get along to see Danny Worsnop at

Sydney Friday 22nd December – Manning Bar
Melbourne Saturday 21st December – Evelyn Hotel (All Ages)
Melbourne Sunday 22nd December – Max Watts

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