ALBUM REVIEW: Being Jane Lane – Savage Sunday

Words by Shannon-Lee Sloane – The Colourful Writer

Punk rock is something that sings to the hearts of many. It’s loud, it’s fun, it’s fast, it makes you feel good, it makes you want to move around and dance or mosh and since its emergence in the 70’s, it has become a mainstay in the long list of music genres our world contains. And thank fuck for that. Ensuring the punk scene in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast is still going strong is a five piece band made up of strong, inspiring and talented women; Being Jane Lane.

Being Jane Lane are:
Teigan : Vocals
Pb : Lead Guitar
Kate : Rhythm Guitar

Lou : Bass
Ami : Drums

And yes, before you wonder or ask, the name does stem from the much loved 90’s cartoon filled with teenage angst, Daria. The name could not be more perfect, and the band could not be any more awesome if they tried. Before I even knew who they were, their name had me roped in; and once I tuned in, I was hooked.

Being Jane Lane released their newest musical offering to the world on October 1st with their debut album ‘Savage Sunday’ via Human Records and well, it is well and truly savage.

Opening with the first new single released from the album, Next Step. The track begins with an easily recognised yell of “Heeeeeeyyyyy!” from frontwoman, Teigan Amy Le Plastrier. Her screams as lengthy as her name, her vocals perfectly suited to punk; strong and emotive. No one else sings quite like Teigan. The single comes with a comic book style lyric video as well as a bonus vid shot in a stop-go motion style by local legend, live music photographer, Tracie Tee. I love the lyrics on this track, “Yeah I’ve been waiting such a long time, for nothing and now I feel desolate, Like the time that you fucked me, when I was more inclined to the dirt on your mind. All the things that you’ve taught me, well I’ve left them all behind…” There is, as with most BJL tracks, a grunge feel to this one, but I think punk and grunge can sometimes sit in a very similar area when it comes to sound, emotion and feeling evoked by those listening or watching. The fuzzy, almost messy (in the best way possible) sound from the guitars and the bouncing punk bass line mixed with the steady, hard hitting drum beat along with Teigan’s vocals wraps this song into a punk burrito with the lot that has you licking your lips for more. And hey, you’re in luck, there’s more! Including this one, there’s 12 tracks in total to be exact.

Up next is the title track, Savage Sunday. Which gives us that classic fast paced punk beat from the get-go. I just love everything about this song. With an almost reggae funk punk style going on with the vocal which gives me a Bennies feel. Another song with lyrics that make me smile and a music video that begins with a disclaimer ‘No drag queens were harmed in the making of this video’ and proceeds to give us jelly wrestling amongst drag queens, band mates and friends. This song is a good time; it’s a rad time and it’s a perfect example of what BJL are all about. Oh, and as an added bonus, the vid stars the lovely Josh Murphy from my other favourite local punkers, Flangipanis. Nice.

Flowing directly into the next track, Yeah. This one has a softer feel, just another layer of BJL. Even a softer vocal on this one and the bass line stands out for me here. I focus on vocal and bass on this track, which makes me smile. Little known fact, I sung in a couple of bands in high school and played bass for a bit too. So, I have a soft spot for both talents. Something about this track has a 90’s feel to it. Be Okay comes next. I love how each song just flows on this album. Be Okay totally reminds me of some early Blink 182, it has that sound, especially at the start of the track. Next is Little Fat Lamb and Quickly Interrupted, both great tracks, but the next one that really grabs me is All The Time. Oh wow. In an album that just keeps on giving, this one gives me something else altogether. The harmonies in the vocals, the depth of emotion in this one. The added strings section delivered from a violin. This song is probably my favourite from the album. I feel this one. I feel it.

Onto Marathon. This one is pop punk sounding. The lyrics again, making me feel as though someone’s heart kind of cracked right open into this one. To be honest, I didn’t expect to feel so much from this album. Going through some personal things right now that have me feeling really emotional. This album is a little like therapy. But then, music IS therapy, right? “I meant to tell you, there’s so much I had to say, the words were failing me and now you’ve gone away…”

Never Have I Ever is up next. This one was actually released a while ago and if you’ve been to a live show, you would have heard this one a few times, it’s always a perfect sing a long track, definitely one of my favourite BJL tracks. Take Me Outside takes things to a more upbeat place again, fun and fast. I want to jump around the kitchen while I play this one really LOUD! Running is really rocking; this one puts the rock in the punk rock.

Less Is More wraps things up and is a very grungy track. Reminding me of early Nirvana. Think ‘Bleach’ era.  It’s also the shortest track on the album which I assume is where the name comes from? But to be honest I wish this track was longer. I love the dark, gravely grunge sound. I played this one about 5 times in a row. Love it.

‘Savage Sunday’ is a brilliant debut from one of the best Brisbane/Gold Coast punk bands around right now. I can see big things in the near future for BJL and I am really excited for them. They’ve already played alongside bands like Millencolin, Blister, Totally Unicorn, Clowns, Frenzal Rhomb, WAAX, West Thebarton, CJ Ramone, Cancer Bats and more. As well as playing festivals such as BIGSOUND, Dead Of Winter, VB Hard Yards and more. They’ve recently wrapped up their ‘Savage Sunday’ tour and their next few shows to end the year are set to go right off! Most shows are sold out but if you were lucky to nab tickets to any of the following, you are in for a treat! Details below. Click the event to link to the event page for more details.

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