GIG REVIEW: Hammers + Supports, Woolly Mammoth Mane Stage, Brisbane, 30/11/2019


Words by Tracey Moyle – Music Maven Events

Photos by Elizabeth Sharpe – Ummagummamumma – Live Music Photography. Full gallery HERE.

What an absolute ‘cracker’ of a night last Saturday night was for music fans in Brisbane, with so much choice floating around our awesome venues!  But tonight the hard rockers were at Woolly Mammoth Mane Stage with the Hammers Cracker Night single launch pulling in a great crowd and no one left disappointed.  With a line-up built to please, the night was in full charge, ready to lift your spirits high, get your heart pumping and possibly ears bleeding.

And there’s no better way to start off a night of hard hitting local legends-in-the- making than having RHINO open the show! They started the night off with a hard punch going straight into Found The Lord.  Fronting the band, Psymon Psymons  means business bringing everyone to the front with his attention grabbing gravelly vocals along the with heavy lead guitar power in their riffs and Damien Brown keeping a brilliantly low and heavy pace on bass.

White Witch gave us more of Brown’s killer bass kicking it up a notch with Geoff Newnam and James Wassenaar on guitars keeping it tight as and Psymons gravelly Lemmy-esque vocals demanding you listen.   The Falcon, with its’ brilliantly Motorhead reminiscent sound had Psymons on his knees putting all in with Heath Kellys drums keeping the crowd on pace belting out a repetitive hypnotic beat.  A band you just can’t look away from, they kept things moving with DJW, ending the set with their new single release Afterlife keeping it steady and heavy with the crowd eating it up.  Great ‘no-crap-just-hard-rock’ sound from these brilliant Brissy guys.


A quick reset and the pace stayed fully charged when alternative punk boys, A Somerset Parade took the stage.   The energy levels burst out in every direction with lead Daniel Cornish making the stage his own and breaking into Ruins Of This Empire.   Their sound instantly had my punk loving heart racing along with the beat. With a punk/heavy combination comparable to the likes of A Day To Remember or Sum 41 my attention was all theirs.

Next life had extra pop with a perfectly structured combination of rhythm and melody with Mitch Matheson, Andrew Nolan – Guitars, and Brad James – Bass, coming together to form a brilliant pop punk styled number that would stand up against any of the bigger bands around today.

Throw in a cover of ADTR’s All Signs Point To Lauderdale and the crowd (and this punk loving tragic) were jumping about in a state of bliss completely won over.

Latest single Clementine next and with a heavier element thrown in, gave the song perfect balance.  I was reminded very much of L.A. band Fever 333 with the combination of vocals on this track.   Finishing their set off heavier still with a solid beat belted out from Matty Barton on drums and into Information Age. These guys were a perfect fit for tonight’s line up.  Keeping it heavy and bringing the hard-core/alternative punk sound into the mix was a winner.  Loved it.

A Somerset Parade

Again a quick change and preparation for an assault on all you’re senses in the best possible way as hard-core metal outfit DeadYet? hit the stage.  This Cities Child opened the set with a barrage of hard and heavy energy.  Frantic guitar and rapid drumming from Brett Kearny had the crowd going off.    If you doubted it was possible at all to the amp up the pace you’d be quickly put in your place when There Or There Abouts cranked things up.  

Vocalist David Fischer threw in every bit of energy he had as they played through their set at a rapid gunfire pace.  Long Way Home kept the pace running and the frantic energy flowing through, not just vocals, but the electric power of Scott Mitchell on guitar who had everyone fully wired.  The well timed pace change mid song gave a brief pause to catch your breath, then it was cranked back up again. The power surge continued as they took us into Mistress and A Summer in Edinburg.   Riff heavy and a great pace set by Chris Arthur on Bass shook up the set going into Early Crow.    Fischer took some time relayed his sadness at the soon departure of long time bass player and friend Arthur, off on his next venture, talking up his admiration for the man.   Ending the set with more power and speed and big heavy riffs with Swerve and then Host they finished a set that sent a buzz resonating around the room.   A fully amped and brilliant night so far.  


Time to grab a drink or duck out to the smokers social spot before Hammers hit the stage.  A full backline change up and you knew you were in for a treat. 

No mucking around with Hammers. If you going to do it, do it right. 

The crowd were pumped and the level of enthusiasm around the room was on high charge.   When the band hit the stage the atmosphere took on instant party hard mode.    Lights, camera’s, action and the fun started with good hard rockin’ pure home grown fun as lead man Fish started the party with Last Breath. He called out for everyone to have a good time and there was no doubt that was going to happen.  With a cheekiness reminding me of the legendary Bon Scott, Fish took us into a barrage of good old school Aussie rock.    Just Cause came next having everyone jumping, working the stage, working the crowd and getting down on the floor for some up close and personal feels.  Ricky Thunder had the bass drop it down low, and start it off heavy for Palm Readings in Sin.  The mix of vocal harmonies, heavy bass, thundering drums from Ruckus and a brilliant guitar solo from Lucas makes this song an absolute classic bringing to mind an era of Iron Maiden, Motley Crue and everything in between.  I have a feeling I have compared these guys to that era in a review before, but it just fits perfectly. Speak Of The Devil opens with a brilliant riff from Lucas and a full metal wail, classic Vince Neil style as Fish takes us into a musical narrative in his conversations with the/his devil. 


Golden Gloves next and I love everything about this song. The hammering together of musical styles mashed together perfectly, from desperate narrative to vocal harmonies, the musical journey this song takes you is brilliant keeping you hanging on to every note. Vocally punching home at the end.  “You keep falling , we keep falling, we just keep falling”.  If you weren’t hooked on these guys before you would be now. Slippery Gypsy kept the pace up then what we came for – new single Cracker Night came out with a fast pace and high energy.  Drums belt in the intro, vocal harmonies kick it off.  With the perfect vocal combination mixing it up, and the band keeping it tight they nailed it. Everything you’d want from new Hammers music.


Guilty Pleasures brings on solid beat, heavy catchy riffs and a brilliant story with an almost desperate narrative mixed in with perfect rock harmonies.  I love the tales these guys tell in a raw honest heavy hitting way.    This song carries a great hook right through to the chorus into a Rage Against The Machine style rant in the chorus.  Cheeky banter with the crowd carries into The Other Side keeps the pace even and the crowd are completely at home in the moment with a large pink flamingo blow up lounge toy adding to the party spirit being hammered around the room and ending up claimed by a random guy deciding it’s time to chill and listen to some heavy tunes in flex mode in the middle of the room.   Almost done and Pocket Soup with its old school rock vibe, killer riffs and great solo’s bring it to the climax.   A few seconds to chill and into final number for the night with Dead Set.  Keeping it loud and low with big vocals and the overlay of harmonies Hammers throw every last bit of energy in, not letting up for a second.  Another brilliant rip roaring show from Brisbane’s kings of no bullshit, old school, hard- hitting rock.  


The Woolly Mammoths Mane Stage transformed into a rock nirvana for a few hours Saturday night with four of the best fast paced, high energy rock bands you’ll find anywhere in this country.  If you missed them this time, don’t make that same mistake twice.  


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