#AUSMUSICTSHIRTDAY Feature Series – Bianca Ott, DJ + Producer ‘PARTY B’

The Good Call Live Team are coming together in support of Support Act for #ausmusictshirtday … and we’re not doing it without a little help from our friends!

Today we’re chatting with Bianca Ott aka the newest DJ / Producer on the block, Party B. Bianca has predominately been working behind the scenes in the music industry Australia wide (having based herself in Melbourne the last four years before returning home to Brisbane unexpectedly via LA). Starting in Artist Management, followed by stints as Merch Slayer then a ‘Tour Mum’, she’s now playing party bangers on weekends – and her transition from businesswoman to artist in the last 1-2 years hasn’t been a total surprise. 

When she isn’t making people move, she’s saving animals and educating the world about the positive effects of a vegan lifestyle through her project Plant Based Punx which is set to drop a podcast in early 2020. 

If you want to feel what Party B’s vibe is but can’t make it to a show her mix ‘It’s The Weekend Baby’ is on SoundCloud, which you should check out HERE.

In addition, she is touring nationally with Bingo Loco Aus and has a couple of dates coming up this month:

Saturday 16 November – Freo Social | Fremantle WA

Saturday 23 November – The Met | Brisbane QLD

You can find out more information about these shows HERE. 

Have a read of what Bianca had to say about her choice of band shirt and the importance of talking about and supporting mental health in the music industry:

Remember – YOU can help support the cause too by donating to our Official, Support-Act endorsed fundraising effort HERE

Tell us about your Aus Music T-Shirt: 

“I’ve chosen to wear one of my oldest tees from a little local band by the name of Violent Soho. My Eat Your Parents Tee became a part of my wardrobe when I drove down the Gold Coast to see them support Jebediah (on the ‘Kosciuszko’ Album Release Tour – 12/06/2011) at the Surfers Paradise Beer Garden. I literally watched Soho play, bought that Tee and a Hoodie and left. 4122 Forever Baby!”


Aus Music T-Shirt Day is a super important initiative in the Australian music industry. Why is it such an important initiative to you? 

“The best way to directly support a touring artist is to buy a T-shirt and that’s why I love AusMusic T-Shirt Day so much. Australian Music is so fucking good and it’s really important to support our home grown talent. I think as Australians we tend to obsess over American culture (guilty) and what’s going on in the rest of the world – so much so that we miss a lot of really sick shit that’s going on in our own backyard. We end up loving a lot of Aussie bands but only after they’ve made it elsewhere first.” 

“It’s so incredibly hard to tour this huge country, so showing up to shows early gives the opening bands a shot. Be sure to research them before you go to the show and tell them if you love their set because chances are that bigger band from wherever the hell country that’s cooler than us must vibe them enough to play shows with them here. So take a chance, even if it means going alone. I do it all the time. Never let being solo stop you from seeing music you love – they just might be your new favourite band!”

We know that mental health can slip under the radar in this business. Why is it vital to talk about your mental health? 

“Mental health strain is huge in this industry yet jobs in music are long dreamt about and chased for many of us. Its long hours, a lot of it mostly in love as the pays are not that great for the most past. It’s long days, late nights, little to no sleep, hundreds of emails or socials to keep up with and just showing your face – a lot of human contact and not a lot of time for yourself. It’s hard to switch off because you feel if you don’t go somewhere, you’re missing out.”

“Personally, I had a lot of anxiety that I didn’t really acknowledge from a previous employer constantly thinking what I was doing wasn’t fast enough or good enough and always stressing; going home and answering emails before I went to bed and as soon as I woke up. I stopped going to shows for a whole year after I’d finished up with them because I was not wanting to see anyone from the industry now that I was ‘out’. It can feel isolating at times. So it’s really important no matter how big or small whatever you’re dealing with is that you know the way you cope and that if you want to reach out you have people to chat with. For me, I don’t like to share too much of my problems because I’m very D.I.Y. and want to fix it on my own. But I have learnt the best way to cope for me and what works when I’m down or having a not so great one. Everyone needs to figure out what helps them and know who their key people are who will listen or just sit in silence by your side. You just feel like you want someone to care and say out loud how you are feeling sometimes. As weird as it feels don’t be afraid to ask for help there are more people who love and appreciate you more than you will ever know.”


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