Interview: Claire Harris Of The Goldhearts On ‘Be Strong Be Brave Be Bold’ EP Launch

Interview by Tracey Moyle – Music Maven Events

The Goldhearts are Gold Coast’s Indie/Pop/Grunge sweethearts and they are set to play their new EP (‘Be Strong Be Brave Be Bold’) launch tonight at The Bearded Lady in Brisbane! I had a chat to drummer, Claire Harris about the EP and their upcoming launch shows.

Great to chat to you Claire.   I haven’t seen you guys since the show at the Bearded Lady in May.   It seems you have been pretty busy over the last few months?  

“It has been really busy but it’s all exciting busy, it’s good busy.  We’re playing at The Bearded Lady again this Thursday night.”

 You must be pretty excited about the new EP, ‘Be Strong Be Brave Be Bold’?

“We are.  We’re excited about this one because it’s been such a journey.   After our break we came back so much stronger with this EP.  We’re all really excited about it.  I’m actually sitting at my dining table right now re-decorating my kick drum skin for the show.  That’s the sort of excitement that we’ve got.”

That’s awesome. It’s building anticipation.

“Yeah, and once we’re done and release the EP and played the show we’ll be like – ‘What Now?’  So we’ll have to keep the momentum going.” 

I’m sure things will naturally fall into place.

“It has all been very natural.  So we’re very lucky.”

As you’ve just said, your official launch is this Thursday night, (14 November) at The Bearded Lady West End, what a great venue.   Have you had the chance to play many live shows over the last few months or has it been mostly recording?

“It has been mostly recording for this year.  We’ve slotted a couple of shows in here and there.   There’s a fairly new venue on the Gold Coast set up at the Hinterland Tavern (Nerang) called The Romper Room.  We’ve played there and we’re playing there again for our Gold Coast launch. There’s been a couple of small places like Vinnie’s Dive Bar.  There’s a few new places opening up on the Gold Coast which is exciting for us as well.”

You’ve released two singles of the EP so far Be Brave and Stars.  They are both such uplifting songs.   You’ve captured that indie pop sound in a way that just makes you smile along with the music.   You’ve all come together from other amazing local bands, do you all have common influences when it comes to music or do you find it‘s the differences that bring it together so well?

“It’s entirely the differences that bring it together.   Margy (Joughin)  and Tracey (Kick) were in the Dream Poppies together. I actually drummed for them a bit towards the end. Their sound is refined and that’s more their kind of style.  Whereas I come from more of a punk rock background and Daz (Darren Williams) plays just about everything, he’s a really good bass player.  So we all listen to different kinds of music but when we all get together, all those different kinds of music that we’ve been listening to, just little elements of it, shine through in what we come up with when we’re writing songs.  So like, Margy writes obviously all the lyrics and the rough structure for the song and then brings it in to jam and we’ll all just throw in what we think we hear and she’s like “oh that’s not what I was expecting” but it all sort of works.  I think it’s important to all listen to different stuff with the type of band we are.  We just want to be fun, we want to be for everyone, we don’t want to have one definite sound, we want it to appeal to all different people and that’s what we really went for with this EP.  There’s so many different songs, like Run Down is completely different.”

It’s funny that you say all that because I’d love to go through track by track because the thing I love most about this EP is the variety in the tracks.  Kind of like snowflakes where no two are exactly the same.  They all have their own personality. 

Be Brave is the first track, such a great way to start things off.  A great Indie Pop track it’s happy and it infectiously makes you dance.   You must have fun putting this one together? Creating the song must have been fun?

“Yeah, it really, really was. I mean over the years playing together our sound and our style has started to develop into what it currently is and we’ve all worked so hard  and we have really busy personal lives as well as working life.  So when we get together and do the band we just want to get all of our creativity out at once and we all have completely different ideas and for some reason it just works and we get into this mood, this hyperactive excited mood and all the pressure and stress of life, we throw it into the band and we’re like ‘oh wow we’ve had so much fun’ and we’re so excited and that’s the result of it.  This diversity and the sound that we make, all we want to do is have and make happy. “

Second track Run Down is my favourite.  I love the light bluesy grungy tones.  If you can even have ‘light’ bluesy grungy tones?

“(laughs)  I think we all said the same thing, we wrote it in the studio. We had jammed on it once and we got into the studio to record it and that’s what happened. We just went how is this going to fit. (laughs) It turned into this bluesy, grungy thing and it grows from just a quiet bass drum and then all of a sudden at the end it’s just this catastrophe of everything going on.”

I love the way you’ve blended rhythm and melody perfectly.  It’s got great rhythm and beat and it’s melodious.   It just works. It’s a little bit different.

“Yeah it is totally different from our usual stuff.  We were a little bit scared of it at first.  But once we started recording it, I was like, “I think we need to like this because it’s so different” and it’s really what we were all going through in life at the time is what the songs about.  It’s a true collaboration.  Margy wrote all the words for it but we all recorded it and brought it to life together.  If that makes sense.  The words completely changed while we were recording.  We went back and rerecorded half of them towards the end because it just grew into this beast.”

Can you give me a bit of a background on what the song is about?

“Well everybody goes through stuff in life that makes you feel basically crap you have this tendency as human beings to go “ I give up, it’s all too much, I can’t be bothered anymore”. But you dig a little deeper and you find that whatever it is, that spark, that tiny bit of motivation, that reason to just go “no I’m just gonna keep going, because there’s going to be a light at then end of the tunnel”. And then low and behold there is usually light at the end of the tunnel if you’re just persistent.  So it’s a song about it being ok with feeling like crap, admitting it and going ‘I’m going to do something about it’.   So that’s what happened.”

 Road To Roam is next.  A beautiful laid back track.   It obviously has a story to it. You can just feel it in the lyrics and music.  Is there a story behind it?

“So this is all Margy.  She’s always good with having inspiration behind her lyrics.  We don’t always find out the true deep meaning to them until later on. It’s like advice to a younger person, this song. It’s like saying you’re going to go out and see the world. It’s about finding your feet.  You might not know where your home base is but if you go out and explore and see the world and learn and grow and there’s always a place for you to come home to.”

That’s a great message.  I love the lyrics “If we don’t know the road home, we’ll build a road to roam”.

“It’s kind of like going out and doing your own thing not know what direction you’re going to take but we can always build a road to roam while we discover that ourselves and there’s always a road to home eventually.”

I love it.  That’s a really good message. I like that.

“We’re just about making sure people are ok you know.  It’s like don’t give up, it will be all good.”

Stars, another great single off the EP.  A great video clip with this one, it looks like you had a lot of fun filming it?

“That was so much fun.  I actually came up with the concept and I said we’re doing this and I made everybody put glitter and stars and everything on, but I’ve never had the opportunity to have so much glitter and fairy lights in my entire life and I went all out.  And everyone had so much fun.  We did it in our practice room so we were allowed to decorate the whole room and it took 6 or 7 hours I think, all up, including decorating it, filming it and pulling it all down.”

Sounds like my 13 year old daughter’s room.

“It was like a dream childhood room with stars all over the ceiling and fairy lights everywhere and glitter.  So that was fun.”

It reminds me of when I was young and stuck glow in the dark stars all over my ceiling. 

“That’s going to be our mantra, it’s just finding that little thing within you. It doesn’t matter what age you are or what you do in life, there’s going to be some fun little thing that you love and you need to cling onto that and do it because it’s going to make your life better.”

Fall From Grace starts off straight up with a great beat and draws you in.  Again its such a different track to the others.  I can’t even label it, It’s kind of  indie/country/rock vibe maybe.?  (laughs)  

“That’s what we go for, we like to have that little bit of country twang in there. I think it’s very tongue in cheek but we all kind of love it and it’s in there and it’s always going to be in there.  So to some extent we’re going to have that country hoedown, you want to get up and dance.  We always play songs like that off our old album and everyone always gets up and dances because you can’t help it.”

Did you choose to close the EP with it on purpose?   

“It kind of fell into place.  Mostly because while we were recording it, it ended up with that  big tail at the end of like, everyone would chuck in a bit of feedback and then I went a bit nuts on the drums. That thing was ten times longer than it was on the recording but then we were like, that’s going to have to be the last song because you can’t have a big rock outro then go into another song. I think the story of it is a good one to end on.  It’s about a guy or girl, or whoever it wants to be, someone in a relationship who just keeps on making silly mistakes.  And they really are sorry but they keep doing it.”

Such a relatable story for so many.

“(laughs) Yeah, totally relatable.  Not sure how it becomes positive.  I guess the positive in it is that, that person is genuinely sorry that they keep stuffing up and they just want to explain it but they don’t know how. After we wrote it and recorded it, that just became the joke if one of us stuffed up or went a bit silly we got a group message that goes like ‘ oh I just had a little bit of a Fall From Grace.”

That’s fun. (laughs)

“We hope that if other people have falls from grace they can have a laugh about it.”

You play The Bearded Lady this Thursday 14 November.  Where else will you be taking the launch?

“We are playing 17 November in Sydney at the MoshPit in Newtown,  and then 22 November at The Romper Room on the Gold Coast.”

Any plans on heading to Melbourne soon?

“We keep getting asked about Melbourne. We need to get down there.  We keep saying we’re going to go, we’re going to go and then it doesn’t happen because we’re all so busy working.  But we are going to try and get there in the first six months of next year.   I don’t know when but we are going to plan a few things, record some new songs and get down there next year.”

The Goldhearts are playing three shows starting this Thursday night at The Bearded Lady West End.   Tickets are only $10 and available at the door.  Get along and support some absolutely brilliant local talent.  Guaranteed you will leave with a smile on your face!

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