#AUSMUSICTSHIRTDAY Feature Series – Adam Brill of Faux Bandit

The Good Call Live Team are coming together in support of Support Act for #ausmusictshirtday … and we’re not doing it without a little help from our friends!

Catchy fuzzed-out riffs and impeccable drum beats that just won’t let you sit still, matched to perfection with killer lyrical prowess; Faux Bandit is a local force of nature we can’t recommend enough!

The two-piece became a three piece this year when Adam Brill (guitar & vocals) & Josh Johnstone (drums) invited bassist Zac Sakrewski along for the ride! They have just finished up the tour for their latest EP ‘Rock’n’Roll Simulator 2019’ and if you haven’t wrapped your listening gear around that extremely tasty chunk of hard-hitting alt-rock goodness, then we suggest you do… HERE!

They’re also the loveliest of humans and Adam has given us some of his time to support our campaign – Have a read of what he had to say about his choice of band shirt and the importance of talking about and supporting mental health in the music industry:

Remember – YOU can help support the cause too by donating to our Official, Support-Act endorsed fundraising effort HERE

Tell us about your Aus Music T-Shirt: 

“Kodiak Empire are a progressive rock band from Brisbane. All 5 of them are great blokes and great musicians and you should absolutely listen to their album “Silent Bodies”. Also when I bought this shirt I asked for a medium size and got an XL so they really know what’s best for me.”


Aus Music T-Shirt Day is a super important initiative in the Australian music industry. Why is it such an important initiative to you? 

“Australia is producing some incredible music across heaps of genres and I think it deserves to be celebrated. Everyone in the industry knows that no one is paying for music anymore so one of the few ways fans can actually help financially support a band is by buying their merch, so it just makes sense for this to be the way we celebrate it.”

We know that mental health can slip under the radar in this business. Why is it vital to talk about your mental health? 

“Talking and being open about your mental health with others, even if you don’t have huge issues with yours, is the best way to normalise and de-stigmatise the idea of having issues with your mental health. I think it’s so important to have these discussions out in the open so people can see that there is no shame in having these issues and that needing help is not a personal weakness.”


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