#AUSMUSICTSHIRTDAY Feature Series – Arne Heeres of Magnus

The Good Call Live Team are coming together in support of Support Act for #ausmusictshirtday … and we’re not doing it without a little help from our friends!

Arne Heeres the creative mind, vocalist and guitarist of Sydney’s “Oddly Timed Stoner Jazz Rock with a Dash of Goth” three-piece, Magnus has joined us to help raise awareness.

Magnus are headlining TONIGHT at El Sol in Cronulla for the Footstomp Music Presents: Australian Music Week Party!

Have a read of what Arne had to say about his choice of band shirt and the importance of talking about and supporting mental health in the music industry:

Remember – YOU can help support the cause too by donating to our Official, Support-Act endorsed fundraising effort HERE

Tell us about your Aus Music T-Shirt: 

“I traded one of my band shirts for this Sydney Punk band Molly & The Krells one.  
I greatly respect Blake, who plays bass in the band, for his hard work and being totally focused and committed to what he does.”


Aus Music T-Shirt Day is a super important initiative in the Australian music industry. Why is it such an important initiative to you? 

“Recognition as a musician can be hard to come by. If you’re doing it right you put all your heart and soul into creating music, practicing it, putting on great shows and then to see someone walking around in one of your shirts is a great morale boost. Besides that it’s a great initiative to shine a spotlight on the art that this country produces!”

We know that mental health can slip under the radar in this business. Why is it vital to talk about your mental health? 

“I’m lucky to be blessed with a pretty thick skin yet continuing to push that rock uphill with so many denials flying around your ears can be a real struggle and quickly lead to a less than healthy mindset. Especially when you’ve been told all your life that only the correct answers get rewarded and that really you should be a doctor or a lawyer and buy a house.

Hiding and sedating is easy when confronting your demons and talking about your struggles with others should really be the way to go.”

Arne, we love your work!! Thank you so much for being a part of this with us and sharing your insights. Have a killer show tonight and COME BACK TO BRISBANE SOON!!!


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