#AUSMUSICTSHIRTDAY Feature Series – Gray Vickers + Elliot Burton Of These Four Walls.

As you probably already know, The Good Call Live Team are coming together in support of Support Act for #ausmusictshirtday … and we are doing it with a little help from our friends!

Today we have guitarist and band manager, Gray Vickers and bassist, Elliot Burton from Gold Coast Rockers, These Four Walls!

These Four Walls are celebrating the release of their latest single Fire Away with a single release party at Woolly Mammoth Mane Stage along with Gutterfire on December 7! Event page HERE.

Remember – YOU can help support the cause too by donating to our Official, Support-Act endorsed fundraising effort HERE

Have a read of what Gray and Elliot had to say about their choice of band shirt and the importance of talking about and supporting mental health in the music industry:

Tell us about your Aus Music T-Shirt: 

Gray is wearing a Rival Fire shirt. “Part of what’s super awesome about moving over to Australia was being welcomed almost immediately by so many awesome musicians, and one of the bands that have been super welcoming and encouraging of us is Rival Fire. We met them for the first time at the Zoo a few years ago, and we’ve tried to catch them every time they’ve been up in Brisbane. Plus, Rob’s meme game is Phenomenal.

Elliot is wearing a Grinspoon shirt. “Grinspoon were the band that completely captured me as a teenager and hurtled me at a thousand miles an hour into the glorious, nourishing world of rock and roll. The release of their first album ‘Guide To Better Living’ couldn’t have been more timely, as it provided me with a reliable place of refuge for a young, developing mind during an extraordinarily tough family crisis – I sat with my bass for untold hours and learned to play every single note on that album, and for that, it’s remains my favorite of all time. I’ve probably listened to Grinspoon for more time collectively than any other band in the world. ”

Aus Music T-Shirt Day is a super important initiative in the Australian music industry. Why is it such an important initiative to you? 

“I think it’s all about perspective. It’s a really great chance to reflect on how much killer music there is coming out of this country. Coming here was a massive eye opener to how isolated we’d been on our little Island to the West, there was so much amazing music that just didn’t get down to us and I’m still blown away everyday by the great bands that are coming out. It’s also a great chance for us to celebrate our mates as well – So much of this day is about promoting the bands we play with and support locally and giving that encouragement that we think they’re awesome. It’s a great exercise in sharing the talent we think deserves a spotlight.”

We know that mental health can slip under the radar in this business. Why is it vital to talk about your mental health? 

“What’s great is that I don’t think we’re as oblivious to mental health issues as we used to be. Obviously we’ve lost a lot of idols to depression and other mental health issues in recent years, and now we’re waking up to it. What’s great is that bands and musicians now feel comfortable to talk to their issues and address them publicly, adding to a much needed public discussion. Artists are feeling comfortable telling their audience that they need a break, that they need to focus on being ok, which is incredibly important – and the most amazing part is that the audience is listening to this, showing understanding and empathy to what’s going on, and we’re allowing a significantly healthier discussion around mental health to evolve. With the public discussion and acceptance revolving around acknowledging that it’s important to focus on your mental health and address issues as they arise, we’re removing any stigma or pre-conceived ideas around the situation. Hopefully this can continue to happen and we’re in a better place mentally as a community going forward. Musicians can live under the illusion that you have to be tortured to produce great art, and as a result let that image take them over. The sad part is that often leads those people down some dark paths and sadly sometimes they can never come back. If we can dispel that through the public discussion and show them that if they’re not ok, that’s perfectly ok and that it’s important that they find a way to get through.”

Gray & Elliot, the team at Good Call Live cant thank you enough for your contribution to our efforts and we wish you and the rest of the These Four Walls guys a very successful single release party!


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