#AUSMUSICTSHIRTDAY Feature Series – Chad Ellis of From Crisis To Collapse + Black Mountain Music

As we announced last week, The Good Call Live Team are coming together in support of Support Act for #ausmusictshirtday … and we’re not doing it without a little help from our friends!

First cab off the rank is Chad Ellis from From Crisis To Collapse & Black Mountain Music … and all-round gentleman of the local metal scene!

From Crisis To Collapse are heading for The Triffid THIS THURSDAY to support Soilwork and then they are hitting the road with their mates Superheist on their ‘Crush The Coast’ Tour for a limited run of East Coast shows that you do not want to miss!

Remember – YOU can help support the cause too by donating to our Official, Support-Act endorsed fundraising effort HERE

Have a read of what Chad had to say about his choice of band shirt and the importance of talking about and supporting mental health in the music industry:

Tell us about your Aus Music T-Shirt: 

“The shirt that I’m repping here is from one of my favourite Aussie bands Take My Soul from Newcastle. I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with them a couple of times and they are absolutely stellar blokes that I’m lucky enough to call mates! Hamish on guitar even put up the lads and I for a night when we played in Newy back in April as part of HeistFest and they are super talented and also salt of the earth types of boys.”


Aus Music T-Shirt Day is a super important initiative in the Australian music industry. Why is it such an important initiative to you? 

Aus Music T-shirt Day is really important to me and I hold it very high in the annual calendar now because it symbolises community, and Support Act do such incredible work with music industry workers who fall on tough times. The music biz is a very rewarding, yet very hard industry sometimes, and because we are creatives, we have an innate urge to push boundaries to achieve our own perceived levels of success. And that can come at a cost to a lot of us as we all tend to take risk and make a hell of a lot of sacrifices which can leave us in position where we suffer personally, financially and mentally. 

Support Act get it as they are music industry workers caring about music industry workers. We have all sacrificed and suffered a lot and I am no exception, and initiatives like Aus Music T-Shirt Day shine a light on some of the “shameful” and taboo issues and also empower people to seek help and take charge. 

My band From Crisis To Collapse and our Aussie record label Black Mountain Music both feel very strongly about this initiative and we will also be 100% participating on November 15th as all bands including headliners Superheist will be proudly donning our Aus Music shirts on stage when we play at The Flamin’ Galah in Brisbane that night and all bands will also be donating a percentage of merch sales from that show to Support Act!”  

We know that mental health can slip under the radar in this business. Why is it vital to talk about your mental health? 

“Anyone who has suffered mental illness knows how dark and isolating it can feel. I have been there myself and it’s terrible, and it’s very easy to make bad judgements when you’re not thinking straight. We all need to understand that there are a lot of people that care about us, even when we feel helpless and that there isn’t any end in sight. Talking to people helps us rationalise situations and thoughts when we are not thinking rationally ourselves, and it also makes people aware of where we are at during that period of time so that they can help us though it and not suffer alone. 

In the past I came very close to making some decisions that could have affected my life forever and talking to people who gave me advice and allowed me to control my own perception is the only thing that saved me from losing it all and I am forever thankful that I fought against all of my negative feelings and actually opened up to people who helped me navigate the darkness. Humans are complex but also beautiful things and when your heart and head are battling it out to the point where you don’t want to get out of bed, remember that there are always people that give a damn about you!”

Chad, the team at Good Call Live cant thank you enough for your thoughtful contribution to our efforts and we wish you and the From Crisis To Collapse guys a very successful tour ahead!


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