JORDAN MERRICK Releases Debut Album ‘Night Music’

‘Gypsy Diver’ debuts at #1 in the AMRAP Regional Charts 
(The Music Network) [Week starting 9th of October, 2017]
“It’s a beautiful song.”(Roots N All, Triple J) [about Untitled #1]
“It’s an anachronistic yet essentially timeless sound that Merrick has crafted for himself” 
“Merrick’s music has never sound more dynamic and fluid than ever” (AAA Backstage)
“Merrick has revived the Australian bush ballad. More raw in energy and less colloquial than those before him…”
(Happy Music Mag) [about debut single ‘Untitled #1’]
“My imagination gets carried away with this track” 
(Indie Shuffle) [about debut single ‘Untitled #1’]

Friday, the 25th of October marked a huge day for this Brisbane-based singer-songwriter, Jordan Merrick, who released his debut, 10-track album titled ‘Night Music’ – listen here | download here

After teasing the album with singles, Low Country (June, 2019), I Don’t Belong (September, 2019) and just last week with the track Dangerously Sincere (October 18, 2019), this highly anticipated release ventures through blues, folk, rock, country and elements of vaudeville.

Recorded and produced by the ARIA-winning Steven Schram (Paul Kelly, The Cat Empire), this debut album has captured Merrick‘s rawest emotions as each track moves between feelings and stories that explore and exude happiness and love to loneliness, despair and sorrow. 

Merrick states: “The title ‘Night Music’ is a play off the Mozart song ‘Eine Kleine Nachtmusik’ which translates to ‘A Little Night Music’. I’ve always felt drawn to classical for its ability to tell stories through the raw emotion of music. ‘Night Music’ serves as a way to explore contrasting mediums and tell stories that are different in nature, yet linked in their human, vulnerable nature.”

Setting the tone and to introduce the album is a gloomy and simple ballad consisting of keys, strings and acoustic guitar paired with lyrics including “Welcome to my life” and “Let me introduce myself, I’m not who I appear”.

Previously released tracks, Dangerously Sincere and Low Country follow and show how the mood of this album quickly swings from darker undertones to lively, upbeat soul and blues. 

Record Time, has Merrick dipping into his country music influences with this a sweet, gentle and upbeat track that features slide guitar and fellow singer-songwriter Amela on backing vocals. As one of his most personal tracks on the album, it is about looking in the mirror and realising you don’t know who you are anymore, hitting the road and starting again.

Sending shivers up the spin is Dark Night – a slow, creeping track with ominous undertones, accentuated by the wailing organ, trickling keys, sluggish drums and Merrick‘s pensive growl. 

The Toll – featuring singer-songwriter Leonie Kingdom – picks up the pace, with a contrasting sombre verse with a bright, upbeat chorus. The contrasting moods of the song explore the two parallels of two people who love each other, but can’t read the other, ending in a cruel twist of fate that sees the two apart, ultimately paying their toll. 

An acoustic guitar and vocal ballad follows with the track A European Love Song. Long, slow bows on the cello flow in and out, feeding into the story about the trials and emotions of long-distance love inspired by Hemingway‘s ‘The Sun Also Rises’.

Six Red Chairs is a powerful, foreboding number. The simplicity and bare-bones nature of this neat 2-minute song helps forefront Merrick‘s fictional and imaginative poetry that serves as a commentary on the struggle for equality and the battle against oppression.

Before I Don’t Belong closes the album out, Merrick laments in the slow, heart-pounding depths of Hades And The Attic

This expressive and highly-creative 10-track debut album is currently available to pre-order here.

Furthermore, Merrick will be on tour throughout the end of October and November which will see him performing in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast. There is also a special, pre-release show on the 19th of October at the Gold Coast, where fans will be treated to Merrick’s new music from the album.

‘Night Music’ Album Tour – remaining shows:

November 2nd | Some Velvet Morning, Melbourne w/ Amela and Dan Duggan

November 9th | The Shared Sound, Sunshine Coast

November 28th | Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane w/ Amela and Leonie Kingdom

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