DARLING VICIOUS Self Titled Debut EP Set For Release October 31

Sydney’s hottest new four piece rock outfit, Darling Vicious are set to steal your heart with their self titled debut EP, to be released October 31. 

Darling Vicious deliver Seattle style gritty grunge rock with slight flavours of progressive pop punk and deliver it in a musical art project set to entrance rock music lovers everywhere. Their self titled EP is a perfect view into just how ‘Darling’ and how ‘Vicious’ they really are. Bringing both the light and the shade in their debut release.

Vocalist and guitarist, Ella Carstein, comments on the EP:
“One of the primary inspirations for this project is confronting the dichotomy of “Darling” and “Vicious”, and attempting to express that synergy through the lyrics and arrangements. We use the contrast of sweet vocal melodies against often dissonant and erratic harmonies and rhythms to sustain the listener’s reflections on both beauty and chaos.”

The Darling Vicious Self Titled EP will be available on Bandcamp, Spotify and Apple Music on October 31. 
Link HERE. 

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