GIG REVIEW: Buckcherry + Supports, The Zoo, Brisbane, 12/11/19

Words by Tracey Moyle – Music Maven Events

What a stellar night for Rock n Roll.   Last night’s line up at The Zoo were running so hot I’m surprised the roof wasn’t on fire.   The atmosphere was alive with an energy you could feel running like an electric current through the crowd.   With Californian old school hard rockers Buckcherry, Swedish Glam Metal powerhouse Hardcore Superstar and Sydney heavy rockers Bad Moon Born all on one bill there was no doubt it was going to be one hell of a night.

Bad Moon Born were the perfect choice as openers for the night with the look, the sound and the attitude all sliding in perfectly with the two main acts to follow.  They may not have the decades of experience of the headliners, (yet) but they caught the crowd instantly with opener Promised Land.  Anyone who had previously seen this band would have immediately noticed new lead singer Jordan Von Grae.  Replacing a lead can be tricky but with power in his vocals, bringing all the punters up from the first note you knew straight up why Von Grae is fronting the band.  Drummer John Ezilmez had the fixated crowd hyptonised with the beat taking us into their brilliant track Witch Trials with their new lead showing he not only has the voice but the stage presence, reminding me of Skid Row front man, Sebastian Bach back in the day.

A cover of Alice in Chains Man In A Box fit the vibe perfectly for this crowd and they were eating it up. Bringing out a new song with guitarists Voya Milutinovic and Ned Concar driving it hard along with Nick Allen’s bass bringing it down heavy, full of big riffs and full metal vocals giving us something a little heavier than previous BMB. 

Musically these guys are tight as f… taking the set through with Von Grae nailing the high pitch glam metal wail in Alive?.   The band has a demanding presence on a stage that seems too small for such a big sound.   New fans were born as they took everyone into Carry On singing straight to the crowd.

Ending with Road Warrior keeping it low and heavy, Von Grae oozed sexy rock. Finishing off with a ‘Cornell-esque’ scream Bad Moon Born prove they were the perfect fit for tonight’s line up.  

Hardcore Superstar took the night to the next level with Jocke Berg hitting the stage with his “Who the Fuck is Sleezy” t-shirt saying it all.  Their thrash metal meets sexy rock vibe washing across the room with their 22 years rocking the fans showing the instant the music belted out and Berg started singing. Opening with Moonshine the place started jumping, and the atmosphere rose 20 notches.  Magnus “Adde” Andreasson belted out the beat like it was his last day on the sticks and Berg worked the small stage to its’ full potential.   The ride began.  Guitars hit out with Electric Rider and Berg nailing the glam metal wail with guitarist Vic Zino revving up the crowd ready for an old favourite, We Don’t Celebrate Sunday’s. 

A rock anthem that had the whole place jumping and yelling out “We don’t Celebrate Sundays” right back at the band on stage.  Tonight wasn’t just about Buckcherry, that was very evident.  No stopping as they took us into Wild Boys from their 2011 ‘The Party Ain’t Over Til We Say So’ album and I have not doubt about that as a statement. The crowd were lapping it up.    Not letting up for a second and taking us back further to 2009 Bag On Your Head took us to that old school glam metal with Andreasson and Martin Sandvik on bass keeping a killer beat while Berg kept the crowd hyped up. The fans were loving it and the band were loving them right back, keeping it up close and personal.    Last Call For Alcohol had the band pulling at least five lucky punters up on stage for Jager bombs and having the stage take on a crazy house party vibe.  These guys know how to bring the mood out to party hard.  The title track off latest album ‘You Can’t Kill My Rock ‘n Roll’ is a freakin’ brilliant old school rock anthem which should have every fan of Glam metal bands like Motely Crue, Van Halen and the like, bursting with happiness that, good old school rock is not dead.

It’s not just alive and well, it’s bursting out of every sweaty pore on this stage.  Catchy hooks, killer riffs and Berg’s energy, rocketing around the stage with every bit of spirit you’d see at a stadium show, gave not time for a breather.   Back to 2009 with No Resistance in song and attitude, the bras’ thrown on stage gave it that very 1989 feel.  Furious drums and killer guitars took the night to full throttle with a barrage of sound taking it to the peak.   They closed the set with all the rebellious attitude you would expect with another crowd favourite Above The Law drawing out the rebel in the crowd with their “Fuck the Law” anthem.    If you weren’t a Hardcore Superstar fan before tonight you were now. They finished up leaving everyone on a high.

Hard to believe the night was just starting.  The energy was at full buzz.  Drinks were required through the break but the territory was being firmly held front of stage by many of the Buckcherry  devotees.

A much needed break was over, the lights went down, the crowd lit up and Buckcherry hit the stage.  Not expecting opener Head Like A Hole (Nine Inch Nails cover)  it may have been a different start but if you’re going to cover a song, make it a classic everyone knows the words to.  Josh Todd had the place off to an energizing start.  The mood went from anticipation to explosive in one song.   Putting the sleaze into sleaze rock they took us into 2001’s Porno Star getting everyone jumping then straight into Ridin’, with the crowd doing exactly that, ridin’ the energy flowing out of Todd in waves across The Zoo.

New single Radio Song from latest release album ‘Warpaint’ had Todd loosing the jacket and showing off his own signature Warpaint. 

Taking it down a notch and showing their softer side they crowd took a breather with vocal chords still getting a work out.  Obviously the new album is on most playlists already.

With stories of the old days of sex and drugs and rock ‘n roll they amped it up with Lit Up and the floor was shaking.  Just fun, sexy, old school rock with Kevin Roentgen belting out the catchy guitar riffs backed up by their very charismatic guitarist Stevie D and Kelly LeMieux  on bass.  Anti-everything anthem Somebody Fucked With Me followed with the energy belting out from drummer and newest member Francis Ruiz, was relentless proving the crowd were not going to be fucked with tonight.  They wanted a rock show and that’s what Buckcherry were giving them.

Another new one from ‘Warpaint’, Right now again had crowd shouting the lyrics out, showing this album has been well received and their hearts full of adoration for not just Todd but Buckcherry. 

Back in time to 2006 for Everything again taking it back with the band showing their versatility, it’s not all about heavy riffs and screaming vocals. 

Too Drunk brought out those funky rock vibes followed by Todd asking if there was any long term love in the crowd.  Talking about relationships being hard work needing compassion, compromised and most importantly forgiveness led us into the heartfelt hit Sorry from 2006 album ‘15’.  The crowd used their lungs at capacity for this one. Back to the funky rock with the very sexy Tight Pants  and Todd doing his best to show off his very own sexy tight pants to whoever was interested.  Back to the new stuff with Back Down taking us through to the end with some good vibes, Todd asking the crowd what they want to hear and a bit of fun broke out with Footloose.   Asking again what they want, while knowing full well what they’d say, the band closed the set with their biggest hit Crazy Bitch which brought the house down with some funky vibes shaking it up in the middle when they morphed into Jungle Boogie and Proud Mary and back again like a Crazy Bitch.

Back for an encore they ended it perfectly with their brilliant rework of iconic pop song I Love It with Say Fuck It from their EP ‘Fuck’.

 A fucking awesome ending to a massive night of rock.   One that will stay in the memories of everyone who went for a long time.  If you missed out, I feel bad for you.  #musicislife.

You can listen to Buckcherry’s new Album ‘Warpaint’ HERE.

The tour wraps in in Sydney tonight at Metro Theatre:

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