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Brisbane/Gold Coast based five piece, The Molotov are Jayde Angus, Scart, Claire Reece, Dan Hobart and Paul Burridge; a band who are as unique as they are talented. It’s a common thing for bands and artists to combine genres, taking a little from here and a little from there and creating a sound of their own. The Molotov do this on another level. Political punk/metal/electronica/progressive rock with glimpses of even more than that. The biggest thing that captured my interest in this band from the get go was their passion for writing music with reason. Their songs and music reflecting their frustrations with all the things wrong in the world today. Their music is their voice. Their peaceful protest against all the shit, all the ugly, all the things that keep us up at night. It’s music for the over thinkers, for the passionate ones, for those who worry and want to make a change. This combined with their individual talents, influences, personalities and creativeness brings a band who never fail to grab attention with what they have to offer. Their latest offering being their new album ‘RESISTENTIA’ which is set for independent release on October 12.

The long awaited debut album has been in the minds and hearts of the band for some time and the excitement and drive behind getting it out there is felt from friends, fans, followers and anyone who knows it’s coming. The album artwork is powerful and beautiful and is a combined effort of creative minds. With the original concept created by Dan Hobart then worked on by an Indonesian artist, Willz of Orbus Design, then coloured and finalised by Hobart. The end result an eye catching and perfect representation of the album itself. The album was recorded and mixed by Rian Cavaye of Rock City Studios. It was produced by the band and Rian Cavaye and was mastered by Ernie Oppenheimer.

The story commences with the intro track, Democracy Is Dead. In what sounds like a news report over dramatic music, spoken word leading to screams “Corruption is an open wound, capitalism is a rotting corpse and democracy IS DEAD!…”. Sirens can be heard in the back ground. It’s noisy and messy and deliberately attention grabbing. Pay attention, this is The Molotov, this is ‘RESISTENTIA.’

Free is next. Angus’ vocals faultlessly throwing from clean to screamo and back again. There’s something about this song that reminds me of a 90’s band I adored, The Mavis’s – except much heavier. Where The Mavis’s where light-hearted, The Molotov are quite the opposite. Although I think it’d be super cool to see these two bands on the same bill. Echo Chamber is dark and heavy, very prog-ish, I hear a similarity to Cog here when the track begins. Angus’ clean vocals on this track reminiscent of the late and great Dolores O’Riordan of The Cranberries. In fact, The Molotov do a cover of Zombie and they do it quite well.

Touch is aggressive from the beginning, screamo vocals and a song that feels like a series of hard punches in the face, in a good way, if that makes any sense at all. Doll feels like it’s almost a track from the early 90’s, a little emo-ish in parts. The lyrics a little angst ridden. The vocals also reminding me of Fiona Horne and my days of listening to Def FX loud as hell from my bedroom. This song takes me back to my teens with it’s sound and makes me want to lock myself in my room while dancing around and screaming the lyrics in a haze of impulse body spray and smoke.

Rising Tide is the second single released from the album. It’s powerful this one. The video that goes along with it reflecting some big environmental issues. The lyrics and meaning behind the song clearly focused on the destruction of the planet, global warming and more. The combined vocals of Scart and Angus on this track perfectly lend themselves to each other and compliment each other more than any other track. I can see why this one was chosen as a single. Most definitely a stand out track for me. “Another bird, another leaf, another soul, another’s grief, another break in the link, another one now extinct…” the lyrics hit me hard. In fact, I’d like to get my hands on all the lyrics from this album. One of The Molotov’s best abilities is by far their meaningful and thought provoking lyrics.

Rolling into New Skies, the beginning of this one is a little thrash metal-ish sounding. In an example of how broad the genre reach of their sound is, on some of the tracks I hear even a bit of a folk metal sound, think ELUVEITIE. Tyrant has (I think) some backing vocals from Reece and I do love when Angus and Reece sing together. Very different voices that together add another layer to this track that gives it more strength and power. Track nine, In The Red is an older track that has been re-recorded. This new recording of the song gives it new life. Next up is Break, the first single released from the album. A song about standing strong and not giving in, “I won’t break, I won’t be weakened by you…” the layered vocals from Scart, Angus and Reece adding depth and strength yet again on this track. A great first release, this track packs a punch.

At the beginning of Robots I hear a Deftones and A Perfect Circle influence. The song is somewhat soft but has a big impact. It’s emotive and has great depth. The lyrics clearly suggesting the human race are like robots, doing, thinking and feeling what we are told by society. It’s a painful truth. But that’s something The Molotov delivers so well, painful truths. The final track, Go Back To Sleep, another older track given new life. This one sees Scart taking over lead vocals for the most part, it feels forceful and relentless in its drive with Hobart’s keys a stand out for me in this track. Seeing Hobart switch from keys to guitar when they play live is something I love, he plays both so well. But the keys are always a highlight for me.

This wraps up the album in a neat, political and listening journey of the minds, music and heart from the five creative souls who calls themselves, The Molotov.

You can catch The Molotov at Rock Beats Depression this Saturday at The Back Room in Brisbane. A special event raising money for hardworking charities, Black Dog Institute, Headspace and Beyond Blue.

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Event page for Rock Beats Depression HERE.

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