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Kaosis. Holy fuck. Where do I even start? The BEST thing to come out of New Zealand possibly ever. This band, these performers, these musicians, these creative souls blow my mind completely. Kaosis are not just a band, they are a force to be reckoned with. They are next level. Now, I love a lot of bands and a lot of music and if you know me well, there is a new band each week, sometimes each day that I am raving about and telling anyone who will listen they ‘NEED to listen to *insert band name here* right NOW’ …BUT, Kaosis are the first band in many moons who literally took my breath away when I saw them play live for the first time at Dead Of Winter Festival earlier this year. They blew my head clean off and stole my heart from the moment I pushed my way to the front of the stage. Mesmerised. Lost in the moment. Gone. Kaosis got me and they got me good.

Watching Kaosis perform live is one thing. Listening to their new album is another. Both transcend my ability to explain how good something is. Both make me feel like I am high on the best drugs money can buy. But it’s a natural high brought on by music. I’ll take another dose thanks!

Kaosis are a six piece mash up of metal/horrorcore/dubstep/industrial/DnB with so much more. Their sound like nothing else I know. The six personas of the members are as unique and brilliant as the music itself. A band that is both musically and visually captivating.

Kaosis are:

X3N: Vocals
Monshi: Synth and Vocals
0M3N: Samples and Vocals
VhiisiioN: Guitars and BVs
DOGMA: Percussion and BVs
KHRON: Hybrid Drums

This machine of a band have just released their debut album ‘HITECH LOWLIFE’ via Rail Records. 12 tracks of absolute madness. The intro starts the journey. With yelling and screaming that sounds like a mixture of both fear and excitement. The synths and sounds building up to a crescendo preparing you for what this album is about to deliver. Straight into the title track Hitech Lowlife. This song builds up softly and somewhat slowly, then it gets hectic hell quick. The combination of genres within the band evident from the get go. It’s heavy but its funky, it makes you want to bang your head and wreck your neck but you also want to dance and move like you’ve been taken over by the music. This song was written by X3N and the legendary Dino Cazeras from Fear Factory who also plays on the track.

Up next is the latest single, recently released with a smoking hot new video to go along with it. Bullet Hole is as good as it is dirty. “Blow off you’re head and fuck you in the bullet hole…” Amazing. It’s shock therapy lyrics. I love it. I can imagine this track on a movie soundtrack during a massive fight scene with guns a blazing and blood everywhere. In fact, this whole album would be perfect for a movie soundtrack. Think ‘Spawn’ soundtrack except it’s all the same band. Just so good.

Dubstep Punk starts with what sounds like a siren and kicks into another energetic, heavy as fuck track that makes me burn inside to see them live again. This song, like all their songs, energises me and makes me want to throw my body around recklessly. Even sitting in front of my laptop and writing this, it’s hard to sit still.

Next up is Zombie. This was released as a single about 3 months ago with a brutally in your face film clip to go along with it. This track starts with a voice over of a news reporter talking about a zombie apocalypse. It’s not just a song, it’s a story and the way it’s told has you feeling like it could even be real. It creates a feeling and sensation that’s almost like, fear itself. Another example of why this band is so good at what they do. If you have a vivid and wild imagination like I do, you feel this music on levels higher than what others might do. I let myself go to where I think the band intended listeners to go.

Hands down my favourite track is Who’s Your Daddy?…So that may say a lot about me, haha, but serious. This track is killer. It’s sexy as fuck. Just like the band themselves. It’s hot and I can’t wait to see them play this one live again, I’ll be up front screaming my heart out. ‘Cos Kaosis is my Daddy. Heh.

Light Up MthrFckr is up next and rolls into Glitchin’, two more brilliant tracks. This album is like good sex. It’s so good I need a smoke after every listen.  Glitchin’ is definitely a stand out track for me. It’s aggressive and heavy and delicious.

Battleground is fast paced and in your face. Throw Em Up a great one to get the crowds pumping “Throw your mother fuckin’ hands uppppp!…” A great one for hype grrrrls, Monshi and OM3N to work the crowd with. Oh man, have I mentioned how much I am itching to see them perform again? Getting shivers while listening to this track and if I close my eyes real tight, I am there again. End Of Fear starts off with eerie sounds, this one is total horrorcore mixed with elements of death metal. It’s dark, twisted, haunting. I love it.

The album ends with a bonus track. A remix of Hitech Lowlife. Bliss. And the album is done. Time to restart it and take the journey again. It’s all killer and no filler and it’s on loop for me until they hit Brisbane again.

Kaosis are back in Brisbane for Psycho Circus on November 23 at Crowbar with a line up so good it hurts, Darkcell, Tai Sui, New Clear Vision, DisKust and F.U.C. Is it November yet?

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