KAOSIS Release ‘Hitech-Lowlife’ Album + ‘Bullet Hole’ Music Video

After three genre bending singles, the metal-step juggernaut KAOSIS have announced the release of their highly anticipated and equally controversial debut record ‘HITECH – LOWLIFE’. To accompany this anthemic party-death record, KAOSIS have will also be dropping their fourth single and accompanying music video, BULLET HOLE.

The debut record was the result of singer X3N’s recognition of the symbiosis between the Neuro/ Riddim and Metal/ Hardcore genres. The record was penned in late 2018 and was surgically crafted over a three month period.

“Once a cohesive and harmonic balance between distortion and bass had manifested, it was a relatively quick process. Finding the bands “sound” was the difficult aspect of the studio sessions.” X3N (Vocals).

‘HITECH-LOWLIFE’ explores a variety of genres and draws on a diverse range of influences from DIE ANTWOORD to SLIPKNOT. There are also hefty horrorcore elements inciting references to DOPE DOD; while KAOSIS‘ heavy synth arrangements have been described as a hybrid of EXCISION and NIN. 

The central themes unearthed within the ‘HITECH-LOWLIFE’ record are as diverse as the genres the record encompasses; ZOMBIE is an ode to classic pulp horror; GLITCHIN’ is about drug induced psychosis and DUBSTEP PUNK reflects to the bands punk attitude towards haters and life in general.

Despite exploring multiple genres and encompassing diverse themes, ‘HITECH – LOWLIFE’ is skilfully bound together under the primary directive to deliver hyper energetic hooks and infectious melody lines. 

When writing this record, I envisioned what the songs would do to festival audiences. All the songs can be reduced to a simple melodic chant. At it’s essence, it is Tribal”. X3N (Vocals).

‘HITECH – LOWLIFE’ was recorded at RAIL RECORDS studios. The record was written and produced by X3N. The record was mixed at Cartel Records Studios by X3N and Chris Prenter. Chris Prenter mastered the record. HITECH – LOWLIFE (single) was written by X3N and Dino Cazares (Fear Factory).

KAOSIS the touring band consists of:
X3N: Vocals
Monshi: Synth and Vocals
0M3N: Samples and Vocals
VhiisiioN: Guitars and BVs
DOGMA: Percussion and BVs
KHRON: Hybrid Drums

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