BEACH PANIC Debut EP ‘Ride The Tiger’ Released today!

After breaking out into the year with their highly grooving tracks, Tsunami of LoveDance ‘Till Your Feet Bleed and Modern Romance’, along with a raging first performance supporting rap-rock lords RedHook on their “Only Bones” tour in their hometown Melbourne, BEACH PANIC! are celebrating with the release of their debut EP ‘Ride The Tiger’!

Their debut EP is packed full with the Melbourne trio’s heart-on-your-sleeves themes, hip shaking grooves and ‘let’s just all have a good time’ ethos. Produced with longtime friend and Belle Haven band mate, Christoper Vernon (aka Lord Ort), it’s loud, unapologetic and cheeky with jangly rock riffs, rhythmic drums and catchy singalong lyrics that simply speak of love.

Of the EPDaddy Longs Legs and Dr. M. Flamingo explain what it truly means to ‘Ride The Tiger:
“Life can be really challenging and scary sometimes and sometimes the only option you have is to hang on tight, Ride The Tiger is our roller coaster of emotions all tied up in a cheeky colourful high-energy punk rock bow,” Dr. M. Flamingo (Marinakis).
“It’s an amalgamation of a heart beating too fast, a sun beating too hot and a love that’s all consuming,”  Daddy Long Legs (Mitchell).

Fronted by two familiar faces in heavy music, Belle Haven’s Tom Mitchell and Daniel Marinakas teamed up with visual artist Yannica Stakelbeck-Keily to find a new form of expression for themselves, in a brighter more colorful and positive way.

With crisp, surf-punk rock sounds and complete DIY creative talent, BEACH PANIC! was formed as a way for them express more positivity, love and sweet grooving tunes. It’s a whole new outlook for a band, with each member donning their own mysterious alter-ego monikers: Mitchell, bringing forth his in tongue-in-cheek- humour as Daddy Long LegsMarinakis with a healthy dose of stylish dance moves under Dr. M Flamingo, and Stakelbeck-Keily using the instrument of art as Tequila Sunrise.

BEACH PANIC!, they’re an umbrella of unexpected quirks and infectious party punk bops that make you want to take that special someone, forget all your troubles and dance the night away.

Debut EP ‘Ride The Tiger’ available on all digital platforms now

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