SELVE, Indigenous Neo-Psychedelic Project, Release Debut Single ‘Snake Of Light’ + Lyric Video

Selve are a psychedelic art rock band based out of the Gold Coast and Brisbane. The band is formed of Indigenous lead singer/songwriter Loki Liddle and lead musical composer Harry Edwards (Elder Children). Together they create narrative driven alternative music inspired by the likes of FoalsNick Cave and Tame Impala.

Lead singer Liddle defines their music as a genre-fluid band that integrates themes of Indigenous culture into current neo-psychedelic styles. Debut single Snake Of Light is inspired by a prose novel written by lead singer Loki Liddle. The story follows a young descendent of the stolen generation travelling around the country in a beat up red corolla re-learning the old stories, coming into contact with the dreamtime and developing a connection to the living spirit of the land, a snake of light. 

The pre-production process began at Harry Edward’s home studio. Together they spent two months fleshing out the arrangements and compositions to bring the songs to life. Loki brought the lyrics and the chord progressions. But it was Harry who drove both the compositions and the production.

The word Selve symbolises the unified multiplicity of personalities that every individual holds within themselves. It is an embrace of the idea that a person is not a singularity, but rather a self comprised of a myriad of selves. The intention of Selve’s music is to toy with this playful kaleidoscope of the psyche and selfhood. To hold up a thousandfold mirror and unveil to the listener the mosaic beneath the mask.

Selve‘s debut single Snake of Light along with the accompanying lyric video are OUT NOW!

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