ALBUM REVIEW: The Black Catapult – Jackson Street.

Words by Tracey Moyle

One of Brisbane most adored punk outfits The Black catapult are back with a banger of a second album called ‘Jackson Street’.  

Drawing on their own stories of growing up in and around the suburbs theirs songs grab onto the brilliant punk sounds of the 90’s and 2000’s injecting them with the high energy these guys are known for in their live shows.  

Their influences stand out strong and the have a great way of bringing more than just high-octane punk into their music.    I know drawing comparisons to bands isn’t always ideal but it’s hard not to with so many amazing punk acts to draw on they have captured, combined and generated something fresh yet familiar, something franticly delightful.

Lost Boys is the first track and latest single released from the album and has that brilliant Aussie punk feel drawing comparison to bands like Melbourne’s punk icon’s Bodyjar.   The lyrics “I don’t want to grow up” give the basic feel of the song and has that typical ‘in your face’ punk’d up attitude. 

Brilliantly fast paced Burning Question is next, daring anyone to stand still.  The energy of this song rises up through you and has a Pennywise pace. A definite circle pit song.  Great track.   

Why Go Fishing When I Can Work (said no one ever) is a short, sharp, frantic track just incase you weren’t paying attention.   At less that a minute it’s a chaotic barrage of mayhem.

Track 3 brings us to Peep Show.  With its catchy hooks and cheeky lyrics cheek they’ve captured that fun pop punk feel but with a fist full of attitude. Imagine if Bowling for Soup and Billy Talent had a love child and they formed a band. This would be the result. I listened to this track way more times than I probably should have. 

Kool Aid changes the pace again in the best way. More catchy pop driven punk, it has an almost reggae start, kicks up a gear at the chorus and keeps it steady until driving it home toward the end and ramping right back to how it began.   The Black Catapult have a great grasp on bringing out the music of the era they grew up in while still combing all of their influences, even beyond  punk, creating something fresh and fun. 

We Were Young brings back the attitude.   Another amped up number worthy of a pit. Very much skater punk style and confirming;  “This is just the start, we are only warming up. We are gonna rock just like we did when we were young.”  I have no doubts there.

Theresa gives us more skate park energy with a meaningful lull in the middle  and is followed by Falling Into Sleep which sets off as an acoustic number.   A completely different sound but still fits with the feel of the album.  They have female vocals harmonizing beautifully, softening the feel but it builds back up to the albums previously set pace by the end.   Song number 9 on this 11 track album gives us Moose Knuckle Anthem.  Every punk album needs an anthem right….   This song has great harmonies in parts and keeps a continuous thumping pace, giving us a fair idea of how much fun these guys are live.  Again they’ve captured the 90’s and 2000’s punk scene and bundled it all together with a real local feel. The title track Jackson Street starts with the sound of kids playing in the background and straight up this song has more of a rock feel.  Vocally the punk undertone is still there but it’s almost an Indie rock sound from the era that has so obviously influenced these guys.    They tell the tale of Jasckson Street, painting a picture of a place they know well. They have drawn stories from in a way that seems close to their hearts.   It’s not technically the last track on the album but may as well be. It’s a final track for this album and wraps it up in a most awesome way.  The final track is actually only 45 seconds long.  Hey How Did Everybody Get In My Room is one final quick bust of energy.  Like giving us all the musical middle finger.   

This is an awesome album.   It has filled my crazy punk soul with happiness.  Just like punk rock should. If you love Aussie punk bands like Bodyjar, Frenzal Rhomb, Spiderbait or grew up listening to Pennywise, No FX, Sum 41, even very early Green Day, you will love this album.   Hell if you didn’t and you’re a fan of Rise Against, Reel Big Fish, Millencolin, anything punk for that matter, then put down what you’re doing and listen to The Black Catapult ‘Jacksont Street’ right now. You can thank me later…..


Friday September 20th Tomcat Brisbane, Fortitude Valley.

Free entry. Link to event  Here


Friday September 27th, Vinnie’s Dive Southport.

Tickets $11.75 via oztix. Link to event Here

With thanks to The Black Catapult

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