CAITI BAKER Releases Stunning New Single ‘Gone’

Genre-defying Darwin’s Caiti Baker has entered a new chapter. Two years after the release of her critically acclaimed debut album, ‘Zinc,’ Caiti spent a prolonged period logged off social media to reclaim her artistic muse, developing a new collaborative partnership with creative powerhouse Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore.

It’s this evolution that has allowed Caiti to create her most ambitious and freeing work yet, and today she unveils the first glimpse of this with her latest single, Gone.

Caiti’s emotionally charged lyrics are about facing the end of a journey and beginning the next one; being reborn unashamedly into strength and love. “The song is a rebirth,” Caiti explained. “For something to be born, something has to die.”

Gone signifies this rebirth of Caiti not just spiritually, but creatively too. For the first time, Caiti is also in the driver’s seat, calling all the musical shots, producing and directing her musical collaborators James Mangohig and Paul and John Bartlett aka SixFour.

This also extended into the visual aspect of her new releases, stepping up to direct as her collaborative relationship with Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore began to also evolve. The first of two videos made the pair made together will be released very soon.

Taken from a forthcoming new EP titled ‘Dust (Part 1)’ out in early 2020, Gone represents Caiti Baker preparing to put her past to rest and allowing herself to fully open up to the future and what it holds. The first of two videos created with Claudia, Caiti Baker is shedding the past and is ready to step into the light.

Listen to Gone HERE.

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