GIG REVIEW: The Butterfly Effect + Supports, The Tivoli, 29/8/2019

Words by Tracey Moyle

Photos by Elizabeth Sharpe // Ummagummamumma – Live Music Photography


The Tivoli was packed to its ornate rafters on Thursday night when one of Australia’s most loved Alternative Rock bands of the 2000’s, The Butterfly Effect, with their original line up, came back together for the first time since 2012.    

With the release of their first single in over ten years Unbroken, they have been playing around the country selling out shows to the diehard fans who’ve been waiting for this tour for a long time.  Their songs are drawn from deep within and their music resonates on a highly emotional level connecting with fans everywhere.   Bringing it back to their hometown of Brisbane, they happily share the love with two more outstanding local acts joining them on tour, Gold Coast based These Four Walls and local boys Hammers.

No strangers to the music scene, These Four Walls opened the night and with a strong following of their own in the crowd the already packed Tivoli took in the energy from the first song.  Lead singer Stephen Gibbs took us into Talons from their 2012 ‘Living to Write the End’ album, with an explosion of passion.  They continued to rev things up with Saints and Sinners and the crowd were lapping it up.  With the brilliant True Sound of Running and the hard and heavy Lilith from 2009’s ‘Down Falls an Empire’, new fans were materializing before their eyes.  They closed their short but awesome set with  two songs off their upcoming, as yet untitled third album, Slow and the first release album Bravery. The high energy and passionate performance these guys put in every time made them perfect to kick things off for the night’s main act.   

An opening act doesn’t always get the crowd response these guys draw and after seeing this band as support for so many great local and international acts, so many times before, there’s no surprise it happens every single gig.  

Things were just getting started and after the standard reset more local awesomeness with hard rocking local guys Hammers. They opened up with a quick indication of what we were in for with Fish showing off his classic rock vocals with that authentic Aussie sound with Last Breath and Just Cause.  Hitting out hard next with Ricky Thunder’s bass line bouncing around the room taking us through Palm Readings with Sin.These guys serve up old school power rock with a side serving of cheeky Aussie ratbag.   Their sound has a great Rage Against the Machine energy to it with strong influences of Motley Crue, Iron Maiden and even adding some great vocal harmonies amongst the chaos with a Van Halen feel lingering amongst it all.   Speak of the Devil kept it hard and heavy. Belting it out hard with heavy bass and hard hitting drums on Dead Set they brought more RATM vibes into Golden Gloves and with the brilliant harmonies over the top had the crowd completely hooked on their mixed bag of sounds.  Great guitar riffs from Lucas got the mood jumping with Guilty Pleasures and again with Ruckus on drums belting out the pace on The Other Side.  They finished a hard and heavy high energy set with Born of a Broken Man with a direct nod to their RATM influence, closing offAgain another brilliant local band keeping the re-emerging Australian rock culture dynamic and current but also showing all the new fans why the Brisbane music scene is not just alive but out there kicking and screaming.

It seemed like a long wait but the air of impatience circulating was just the excitement building from a crowd eager to see this very much adored band hit the stage.

The lights went down and the atmosphere built.  The band appeared, the crowed went nuts with pent up energy and  Clint Boge took us into Filling Silence a classic and the perfect song to build the drama and ambiance these guys portray.   The place literally went off with  Crave up next an obvious favourite.   Boge looks to be living through the songs meaning with anguish in his performance and the crowd lapping it up.   The mosh broke out with Always and Kurt Goedhart belting out the heavy riffs to keep the hard hitting mood alive.   The popular Window and the Watcher from 2009’s ‘Final Conversations of Kings’ with it’s Prog undertone kept the crowds energy high, the whole venue singing along.  With Final Conversations, Boge had the crowd eating out of his hands hanging off every emotive word.  The pace slowed a little with drummer Ben Hall setting the steady pace but only to reignite again with A Slow Descent, setting the mosh off again, with Glen Esmond shaping the tone with a grungy bass. The fans eagerly taking on the chorus “Over out, It’s all over out, It’s a slow decay, you’ll never be alone.”  Boge dedicated the next song to the souls we have lost in our lives and to people struggling with life in whatever way.   He took us into Gone sung with deep felt emotion.  The packed Tivoli almost mirrored the feeling and crowd surfing took off.  New song Unbroken came next and a passionate claim to support each other.  “We are all climbing our own mountain” Boge stated.  He especially pointed out the need for musicians to support each other in the music world particularly rock, metal and like genres.  A cry I’ve heard from many musicians over many countries for many years.  The song omits a positive feeling, knowing you can free yourself despite the battles.    The night continued with the mesmerising Beautiful Mine and Before They Knew bringing the crowds vocal chords alive singing right back to the band with as much passion.

One Second of Insanity took us back to the beginning from their 2003 debut album ‘Begins Here’ with the pit open again.  A barrage of guitars and the intro to Reach set the crowd off again.  The singing from the fans almost drowning out Boge.  Aisle of White finished the set with its haunting prog-like tone and impassioned rise and fall.   With the standard break before encore, the fans did not move, no early departures.  The crowd had waited a long time for this and were in it to the end.  With the popular Worlds on Fire and Room Without a View finishing off the night, the crowd were more than fully satiated from the starvation they’d endured from no sign of The Butterfly Effect in their original form, for many years. 

With two nights left on the tour they play the Metro in Sydney on Friday 30 August and the Forum in Melbourne on Saturday 31st.    It’s been a long wait for fans but with this momentum going it won’t be the last we see of them, guaranteed by the lead man himself.  

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