Interview: Teigan Amy Le Plastrier of Being Jane Lane On BIGSOUND, ‘Savage Sunday’ + Jelly Wrestling With Drag Queens

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Interview by Shannon-Lee Sloane – The Colourful Writer.

If I think of Brisbane punk rock bands, there are a few who come to mind immediately. Flangipanis, Goon On The Rocks and without a doubt, one of my absolute favourites, Being Jane Lane. Not only are they an awesome band but their name pays homage to one of my all time favourite teenage angst filled cartoons, Daria. It’s a winning combination from the get-go and then on top of that, they are all just really nice people. Being Jane Lane have scored themselves a spot on this years BIGSOUND Festival and I could not be happier for them. These five women are going places and they deserve to be.

I had a chat with frontwoman, Teigan Amy Le Plastrier last night about making it on the BIGSOUND line up, their soon to be released album ‘Savage Sunday’, their upcoming support slots, tour and jelly wrestling with a drag queen in their new and also soon to be released music video for the new single. Phew! There is a LOT of good stuff going on for BJL! Let’s get to it before they add more things for me to write about!

With so many great things happening for BJL, we have heaps to talk about, but let’s talk BIGSOUND first! Such a huge and important music festival in Brisbane and such a great opportunity for bands and artists to showcase their music, how stoked are you to have made the line up this year?

“Very very stoked! We tried the year before and didn’t make it into the cut. So, this year was extremely exciting to make it. We are super keen to play!”

It is a pretty tough gig to land, with a lot of bands and artists applying each year!

“There are so many people wanting to get on the line up and ultimately there are so many who get to be a part of it, but then then there are ten times more who try out. There are a lot of bands and artists on the line up, I listened to virtually them all the other day and there was a lot! It took a few hours *laughs*”

Have you attended BIGSOUND before and discovered any new bands or artists through that? Being that part of their aim is to showcase new and upcoming bands and artists for people to discover?

“Yeah that’s the whole cool thing about it is that everyone gets an opportunity to get in front of the big wigs and show off in front of them and show your style and what you’ve got to give and that is pretty cool. I have never actually been before, but I have watched it via social media and what not and I think it was last year I was looking up all the bands and that was when I discovered Amyl and the Sniffers. That might have been the year before. Then there was A. Swayze & the Ghosts, they shone through the event and they won a couple of awards or something like that? They are a rad band.”

So as you were just saying, you have had a listen to all the bands on the line up this year, which is outstanding! Not even I have done that, I am impressed!…

“*Laughs* It’s long (the list of bands), the things you do when waiting on your split shift! *laughs*”

Who are you keen to see after listening to them all, is there anyone who stood out for you?

“Yeah, I would like to see Johnny Hunter live and we are luckily playing on the same line up as them at Crowbar, so that is going to be exciting. Their music sounds really cool, so the next step is ‘is it going to be an awesome live show?’ There are so many different styles and genres of bands. I also really like Holiday Party which is like more of an electronic one, they will be cool. Lalka, I have seen her before when we did ‘Girls Who Rock The Stage’ at Laneway and she played also on that line up and she is just awesome, she has got like a violin and all this electro stuff and she is just this tiny little girl just like, slayin’!”

So Being Jane Lane are a Brisbane/Gold Coast based band. I think at the moment, the Brisbane music scene is pretty awesome. There is so much going on every week with gigs and so many festivals now, such as BIGSOUND. Would you agree that Brisbane is just going off right now?

“Yeah I totally do. We just booked our tour; we are going on tour and it was really surprising that there is just so many places in Brisbane to play. Then there is little and next to no places you can book outside of Brisbane. We have so many music venues that have popped up over the last few years and events that have been put together and I just feel like the music community here is really making things happen for the city.”

We will definitely talk more about the tour in a minute, but first I wanted to touch on your debut album ‘Savage Sunday’ which is out on October 1st via Human Records, That is super exciting! Can you tell me some more about the album?

“Yeah! Sure, it is coming out, it’s got twelve songs on it, we wrote them all and we played all the instruments *laughs* Yeah I don’t know. It is very exciting; it is kind of like … I want to say, in my mind it is a little bit eclectic, it has got a bunch of different styles from inside of our style, so it’s going to be exciting to be like putting a different mood out there sort of thing to what everyone sees from our live show. We only had a handful of songs on Spotify and such that people can listen to for a long while, so it will be interesting to see if people dig anything else that we have recorded because it is a different scenario to listening to it recorded to when you are doing it live. It can really flop! *laughs*”

Well yeah or it can be amazing!…

“Yeah, well I suppose live shows can go like that too, but there is a bit more spontaneity involved in it, it is not like immortalised! *laughs*

Yeah and I think if a band can nail both their live performances AND their recordings, then that is pretty amazing!

“Yeah I totally agree with that. A REALLY good band does that. So we’ll see! *laughs*”

Something I noticed on Facebook recently, you showed a sneak peak into your new music video for the new single. That looked like a lot of fun!?

“It was a ridiculously fun day, everybody just had the best time and how could you not? When it’s like jelly wrestling with one of Brisbane’s best drag queens!”

Where did the concept come from for the video, was it a collaboration?

“Yeah, so our guitarist PB, thought of the idea of jelly wrestling. Which I was like ‘that’s a bit tacky, let’s not!’ Then somebody was like let’s have drag queens doing the wrestling and I was like ‘I like that!’ but then unfortunately Tina Bikki who was the other drag queen that we asked to come and be a part of it, hurt herself and couldn’t make it. So, we couldn’t have two, but we ended up doing some other stuff to make it all happen. It is going to be really cool; I am already excited and highly impressed by it and it’s not even finished yet! *laughs*”

So as you touched on just before, you’ve got your tour coming up as well as a heap of killer support slots! CJ Ramone, Good Doogs…is that one still happening?

“I LOL that you bring that up! It’s fresh news. Basically, we had no idea how to handle it as we have never been in that scenario before but ultimately, obviously, we feel strongly against those sort of behaviours. We decided to sit and talk about it for a little while, but I think we have ultimately decided to pull out of the gig as that is the best option as no one wants to be associated with people who do things like that. It is a really hard thing to navigate. …When Bakers Eddy pulled out, they are the main support band and Fragile Animals as well pulled out, so we were like yeah nah, we gotta go.”

Let’s talk about CJ Ramone, because that is an exciting support slot to land!

“He is doing a lot of shows, the one we are playing is at The Cooly Hotel on the Gold Coast. I was born on the Gold Coast but I have only been there (the Cooly) one time, to see Tame Impala which was cool. But it’s a good venue. It will be great. Playing with a Ramone is pretty fucking exciting too!”

Then you’ve got your tour, you’re playing five shows. Your Brisbane show is at The Flamin’ Galah – great venue. Have you played there before?

“We have, we had a launch there when it was The Beetle Bar, a few years ago. I think it was our very first single and video we launched there. So it will be cool to go back and play there. I think we have played once since it was The Flamin’ Galah. Good venue for sure. It is in a random place though. *laughs*”

You’ve got some great support bands with you on this tour, how did you go about selecting those?

“Well we collaborated with Stabbitha & The Knifey Wifeys a little bit, who are our main support for the whole tour. It will be the first time we are travelling with another band, for the whole time which will be fun,. So we sort of collaborated with them for the Adelaide show. We have been playing here for about five years now, so like The Flangipanis are good mates of ours, you can’t have a show without the Flangipanis basically, so they have to be on every line up! *laughs* So that’s how we got them. Then just other bands that we enjoy that we have seen or heard of. It turned out good ‘cos most of them said yes!”

Something I have always wanted to ask about is the name of the band, obviously it’s a shout out to Daria. Who named the band?

“Our bassist, she is the founder of our band. She is the one who dragged us all together and found all these friends of friends and put us in a band. I wasn’t in the band at the time, but they were having a practise on one of their first run throughs and it’s actually a line in the show. I think Daria says to Jane ‘You are just doing what you do best, you’re being Jane. Being Jane Lane’ and so she was like ‘That would be a cool name for a band!’ and that was that.”

Being Jane Lane are just doing just that, doing what they do best; Being Jane Lane. AND being an awesome punk rock band that just keep on moving up, kicking goals and making new ones, then kicking them too. I can’t wait to catch them at BIGSOUND and can’t wait to hear the new album!

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