WHATEVER, FOREVER Officially Become Part Of The Greyscale Family

Since the inception of Greyscale Records, family has always been integral to every decision that is made. So once members of Justice For The Damned and Our Past Days created a softer side project, it was a given that soon enough Whatever, Forever would too become part of the fabric. Over the weekend the band snuck into Melbourne to play a surprise set at the sold out Greyscale Records Showcase, starting their set with vocalist Michael Godwin screaming “We are Whatever, Forever and we are so stoked to announce that we have joined the Greyscale Family.”

Of the signing, guitarist and vocalist Nick Adams says “We’re ecstatic to be able to finally announce our signing to Greyscale Records. Being a band that is comprised of members currently in other Greyscale bands, it just made sense to keep this within the family and work with people we love and trust. Playing the Showcase over the weekend was the perfect chance to bring in this new chapter. “

“I wont make room for you, this life is far to short…”

Today Greyscale is proud to share the new music video for the band’s latest release Bury Me. Adams explains that this single was the step the band needed to take to solidify their path. “Bury Me felt like a huge step up for us as a band. We spent a lot of time together discussing which direction we wanted to take our music and with that song we truly felt more than ever that we’d found what we were looking for.”

The band will be touring the country next month in support of Reactions for the ‘Discomposure EP Tour’, after that, Adams promises we’ll be hearing new tunes very soon “We plan now to continue at full speed. That means more shows and of course brand new music which we are very excited to show everyone as soon as we can. Keep an eye out, we’re here to stay.”


with Gloom In The Corner & Whatever, Forever
WED SEP 11 – Transit Bar, Canberra
THU SEP 12 – Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle
FRI SEP 13 – Burdekin Hotel, Sydney
SAT SEP 14 – Crowbar, Brisbane
FRI SEP 20 – Bendigo, Melbourne
SAT SEP 21 – Jive Bar, Adelaide

* Tapestry Not Appearing
^ The Beautiful Monument only

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