MERCURY SUN Travel ‘A Long Way From Hill Street’ For Debut Album


Mercury Sun are a five piece indie-rock outfit hailing from Brisbane, QLD. The band members include Ash Benham (Vocals, Slide), Louis Reen (Guitar), Connor Reen(Guitar) and Harry Schneider (Drums). Formed in 2013, the band’s sound has evolved out of the bands diverse musical influences, such as Midnight OilLed Zepplin and Powderfinger.

In 2017, Mercury Sun released their second EP ‘Generation Why?’ and now their debut album ‘Long Way From Hill Street’ set for release on September 6th documents what happened between the last EP and this current recording. 

Lead singer Ash Benham reckons Mercury Sun had plenty to say this time around, “The album title ‘A Long Way From Hill Street’ is kind of a mantra to let ourselves know where we have come from and to know that we are moving forward. If we weren’t moving forward, we would have just called it ‘Hill St’. In the seven or so years we have been together, we have been through some great times, some tragedies and everything in between. Not quite a retrospective album, but it definitely documents a few significant situations along the way, just like chapters in a book. If you listen very close, you will hear five guys trying to work it all out with a few melodies and heavy hitting choruses to help us along the way!”

Mercury Sun released three singles from the album earlier this year, Stumbling, Sin City, and All My Friends, all of which have received radio play on several stations along the east coast of Australia with latest single, All My Friends working its way into the top 15 on the Triple J unearthed charts. Of their new music, Benham says the band’s wish was “to hope that our tunes can help others have a think about who and where they are, and get focused on where they want to be.  Hopefully the musical dynamics can offer a soft pillow and a wake up call at the same time.

A Long Way From Hill Street was engineered by Doug Martin whilst Konstantin Kersting (Tia GostelowWAAXMallratJungle Giants) and Steve Kempnichmixed.  Of their time in the studio, the band found the experience rewarding because they all enjoy the process of creating music. “Being in the studio allowed us to experiment with ideas that we just aren’t able to do in a live situation, which was great to be able to do” explains Benham. “We were also able to spend a lot of time fine tuning each song to make them sound as great as we possibly could make them.

This new freedom also gave Mercury Sun the opportunity to add layers and enhance their music, finding the perfect balance to capture their live sound without losing the energy they produce in their live shows.

The final piece of the Mercury Sun mastery, the album artwork, came together after much long distance Facebook messaging, different ideas, a few copyright hassles and finally, a mutual agreement.  The meaning behind the artwork for Mercury Sun, symbolises the idea according to Benham that “sometimes life gets you down or leaves you standing on the podium. That’s what we hope comes across in the music and what better image than portrays winning big and losing big.”

Mercury Sun‘s live show has been the cornerstone of their career which has seen them play alongside some of the country’s best acts including WolfmotherBritish India,Thirsty Merc, and The Grates.

Catch both Mercury Sun‘s debut album and Brisbane launch on September 6th.

Brisbane Album Launch


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