ALBUM REVIEW: Lagerstein ’25/7′

Words by Shannon-Lee Sloane – The Colourful Writer.

Ahhhh Lagerstein; Brisbane’s legendary and dearly loved party pirates, who also happen to be really great musicians and all round nice guys. This rowdy crew of musos are currently busy adventuring across the seas, playing an epic amount of gigs and big festivals including the infamous Wacken Open Air whilst no doubt drinking many a shoey from many a sweaty connie, doc or boot! Lagerstein know how to party, they know how to scull beer from a shoe AND they know how to release a killer new album and they do all these things extremely well.

The highly anticipated new album ‘25/7’ is the third album from our beloved pirates and it’s got fans drooling with anticipation before it’s official release via the bands own label, Kegstand Productions on Friday August 23. The album was recorded in Sweden at Studio Fredman with world famous producer Fredrik Nordström. The album follows their previous two albums, ‘Drink ‘Till We Die’ released in 2012 and ‘All For Rum & Rum For All’ released in 2016.

The album contains thirteen tracks and commences with Midnight Moonshine. A hearty, strong track sung with a confident aggression by frontman Cptn. Gregarggh.  It has that particular sound that lets you know, if you were in any doubt of who you were listening to, quite loud and clear that this is Lagerstein!

Track two – the big single Dig, Bury, Drink! – the ultimate party song, it’s upbeat and relentless. The kind of song that if you were out and feeling a little tired, if this came on, it would be sure to energise you and have you dancing in no time! This, I think, is accentuated with Mother Junkst’ catchy violin playing on this track. The film clip that accompanies this track features a pool party filled with Lager Crew having a great time. It also tells the story of a man who discovers buried treasure containing a treasure map of sorts that takes him on a very lucky journey that leads him, of course, to the pool party filled with beer bongs, pirate jumping castles and all the things you could want from a Lagerstein themed pool party! *Side note: it also features Neil Rummy Rackers and The Majestic Beast in high vis wear on a worksite– which I have to say is kind of hot – quite the change from their usual pirate gear that we most commonly see them in!

The Wild West is up next and kicks off sounding rather like a song you’d expect to hear in a western themed movie but with a pirate-y twist. It’s almost like a song of battle – it has a driving force behind it. A song on a mission if you will. Track four – The Shoey Song – this was always destined to be! If you’ve ever seen a Lagerstein show, you would know that the shoey is a regular thing to occur and I’m quite sure the guys have all drunk their own weight in shoe sweat over the years! It’s a fun song, a party song, a song to get the fans jumping around and singing along. Easy lyrics to sing along too, it’s just a good time tune. It comes as the second single release from the album and brings us a video filled with Lager Crew and fans drinking shoeys. Lagerstein are well known for including their fans in everything they do and this is another example of that. This flows well into track five, Drink Of The Pirates. This is a stand out song for me, I really dig this one. It’s a bit heavier, something you can really rock out too. The Captain sings with an aggression in his voice, there’s a growl in his strong vocals that suits this song to perfection. I can’t wait to hear this performed live. The Drink Of The Pirates being RUM and I am sure the Captain will scull some rum from his glass duck decanter, Quade whilst pelting this one out on stage.

The next song sounds just like a tropical holiday. The sound of what I assume would have to be a steel pan drum takes the song on a very beachy holiday feel from the very beginning. Pina Colada Paradise shows a softer side to the Captains vocals. With stunning backing vocals provided by a lovely Swedish lady named Julia whom the guys met at the studio during recording. This song takes me on a mini holiday – an escape to a beachy island. This is a really different track for Lagerstein but I love it.

Wench My Thirst gives us some saxophone at the beginning which gives this track almost a 80’s or 90’s movie feel to it. This song is sexy. In fact it reminds me a little of a Motley Crue– esq kind of song or actually for some reason, it reminds me of Robert Palmer’s Addicted To Love. I love this track, it’s very heavy on the rock’n roll. The lyrics obviously a play on quenching ones thirst and having a wench to quench another kind of thirst. Again, a bit of a different one for Lagerstein. This whole album is such a next step up for the guys. It’s full of pleasant surprises like this track.

The little spoken word snip bits in between songs make the album feel like a journey itself, almost reflective of the journey Lagerstein have been on themselves over the years. They’ve worked hard, played hard and seemingly had a bloody good time doing it and this album is proof of how far they’ve come.

Off The Map is next. “Holy shit we’re off the map!” A tale of getting lost, this shows a very metal vocal from the Captain and the whole track is heavier and punchier than the rest of the album so far. I love this one, in fact I think as the album progresses, I am just loving the whole thing more and more. Party Parrot reminds me a bit of a Bennies song. It’s super fun and fast and I feel like jumping around and partying more than ever. I love that I can hear a lot of mixed influences on this album, knowing the guys well enough to know some of the music they all love and listen too, I can certainly pick where some of the love and inspiration has come from on this album. Aqua Bong is up next. This is classic Lagerstein. Being a 7 piece band, they naturally have a BIG sound and this song is a perfect example of that. Honestly I am itching to see them live again. This song will no doubt be delivered amazingly in a live setting.

Track eleven, Hours. Drinking and partying for 25 hours a night is the theme of this track. Now, if you have in fact partied with Lagerstein, this does actually happen. No word of a lie. A New Day is up next and starts with the sounds of the waves rolling in on a beach and what sounds like a fire crackling, birds singing and a distant drunken sing along to “I can feel a XXXX coming on” It’s an ambient moment, not actually a song as such, just five minutes of calm from an otherwise relentlessly party filled, high energy album. Even a distant didgeridoo fades in towards the end. An exclamation of “Bundy, do I smell Bundy!? We’re home!” to end the moment. This explaining to me, this was the last leg home.

To end this amazing new release from Lagerstein comes a cover of the iconic Down Under by Men At Work. Another thing Lagerstein do really bloody well, is to cover a song. They do it justice by keeping it as much to the original as possible with just a hint of their own flavour and style. Perfection. The perfect end to an album that exceeded all my expectations. I mean, sure, these guys know how to party, they are definitely a party band. But they also know how to bring us music that is of a very high standard. The dedication, drive, passion, commitment and pure love for what they do is evident in this new release and I hope it is well received by all who hear it.

The guys will spend the next couple of months touring around Europe and the UK. They then return home for a short breather before they kick off the Australian leg of the ‘Endless Rum’ Tour in November with Melbourne metal kings, Triple Kill in tow.  This team up is really exciting too. If you know Triple Kill, you know how much Lagerstein and Triple Kill complement each other both musically and with their fun personalities and sense of humor. The perfect team up. We can’t wait to have you back home guys, party hard and come back ready for all the love from your Aussie fans! Party Times Ahoy!

You can pre-order ’25/7′ HERE.

You can catch Lagerstein at the following venues on the following dates for their Australian tour!

Friday 15th November – Canberra
The Basement
Sunday 17th November – Sydney
Frankies Pizza
Wednesday 20th November – Adelaide
Lion Arts Factory
Saturday 23rd November – Melbourne
Max Watts
Saturday 30th November – Brisbane
The Triffid


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