THE MOTION BELOW Unleash New Single ‘Figureheads’

The Motion Below are back with a vengeance with their second single Figureheads, which is a ferocious track that touches on the very real topic of fitting in. This single is the second from upcoming EP ‘Cronus Complex’ out Friday August 30. The band is also backing this up with a support set alongside ATLVS and Visioner for BLKLST on the ‘Spider Love’ EP launch show next weekend!

Premiering on triple j’s The Racket on Tuesday night with an online video premiere with Wall Of Sound yesterday, Figureheads will be officially available on streaming services on Friday 9th August. Produced, mixed and mastered at The Loud Noise Estate (AburdenBLKLST, Dealer), Figureheads is a blazing-fast and frenetic exposition of one person’s struggle to fit in. Heavy vocalist Thomas Katgert explains that the protagonist from the lyrics “has spent much time alienated from involving themselves in things they’re interested in due to the ostracism of their peers. This culminates in a critique on the many people of influence who happen to enable this behaviour, and a rallying cry to all those who may find themselves in the same situation.” 

The music video, created and directed by Colin Jeffs (Windwaker, Alpha Wolf, Dealer) adds a visual aspect and a narrative element to the lyrical content by focusing on a masked man who is the personification of the protagonist’s feelings of insecurity and his perceived rejection from the world around him. After being cornered by the masked stalker, the protagonist turns on the aggressor and takes his place as the aggressive force. Thomas explains that “this is symbolism for him deciding to stop ignoring his feelings and to do something to change his environment“. After turning on the masked man and venting his grievances, the protagonist unmasks his aggressor to reveal his own face underneath which, as Thomas adds, “suggests that much of the problem he had faced came from within, a message that is echoed in the lyrics.” 

Figureheads is the second track pulled from upcoming EP ‘Cronus Complex’, which is a collection of songs that serve as the inner musings of a man who considers himself broken and is trying to understand what lead to his downfall. Each track on ‘Cronus Complex’ explores past traumas from toxic friendships, displacement in society and ultimately death and abuse. Thomas further explains that by the end of the EP, “the subject pleads with their loved ones to keep away, as the man now believes that he is beyond saving and wishes to protect those around him from his misery.” 

The Motion Below are a post-hardcore quartet blasting out of Melbourne, Australia. Having originally formed in August 2016, the band quickly etched their mark on the Melbourne music scene with their debut EP, ‘Reform/Converge’. This EP saw the band gain support slots for the likes of Belle HavenStepsonEat Your Heart Out & Naberus, and for Buried In Verona’s final show on their farewell tour at Max Watts in November of 2017. 

In March of 2018, The Motion Below released the standalone single, Wormtongue, which came as the last single to feature the previous band lineup before November 2018 rolled around with a new lineup and a partnership with Evan Lee and Ash Daws at The Loud Noise Estate. Stepping into the studio with the aim of creating something unique, the band brought the brand new extended play, ‘Cronus Complex’ to the table. A significant step in the right direction for the band, with a more defined take on the modern day post-hardcore style and pushing their own musical abilities, ‘Cronus Complex’ encompasses all that the band has hoped to accomplish as a group. 

Figureheads will be available on all digital and streaming platforms on Friday August 9. ‘Cronus Complex’ will be available Friday August 30, with pre-orders live now at

Tickets for the BLKLST Spider Love EP launch available at



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