ELEANOR JACKS Releases Heartfelt New Single ‘Blue’

21 year-old singer-songwriter Eleanor Jacks wears her heart on her sleeve.
Her song-writing and live performances have become an essential emotional outlet for a young girl who thinks about things a lot.

Latest single Blue sums up a relationship on a knife edge – a relationship where boundaries are blurred and feelings swing between incredibly good and (self) destructively bad.

The song is Eleanor’s only outlet of expressing “the feelings you have when you know a relationship isn’t good for you but the alternative isn’t what you want either.”
Although playing and performing music was always around growing up, writing only became necessary a couple of years ago as Eleanor found herself dealing with the emotional processing of a difficult family situation and, amongst other things, a relationship that ended suddenly and badly. 

Internalising the emotions wasn’t healthy, and overthinking led to a process of dealing with these emotions and feelings through writing. The songs started to flow simply because they had to. 

As Eleanor says, “Writing about what I’m feeling allows me to express the things I can’t talk about.”

“Powered songwriting and my goodness, an incredible voice to follow. If you’re not across this lady, you’re missing out BIG TIME.” – Claire Mooney, triple j unearthed

” this gets big and gets great. eleanor backing up the last one with another winner by putting her heart on the line.” – Declan Byrne, Home and Hosed, triple j

After releasing I’M DRUNK AND I LOVE YOU earlier this year about fabricating emotions as a simple way of dealing with feelings, latest single Blue marks Eleanor’s bold steps towards something new, as she sheds the damaged layers of youth and discovers new sleeves to wear her heart upon.

“I wrote the lyric to this after experiencing the start of a relationship that I thought could have gone somewhere but the other person wasn’t in it for the same reasons I was. I was interstate with this person and despite wanting this to work, I felt completely alone and within this particular situation, extremely anxious.

There is also a slight turnaround in the last chorus lyrically which appears to signal that I’m done with it but the reality is, you never are. These experiences shape us but they never completely leave us.”

Eleanor Jacks has supported Kira Puru, Mansionair, Graace and JEFFE, and is supporting Yorke at Oxford Arts Gallery Bar on August 8th!

She is also about to embark on a massive regional tour down the East Coast of Australia in October, more details to come!

Click HERE to listen to Blue

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