MICHAEL DAVID THOMAS Releases Single Dirge 2.0, A Modern Lament For The Departed

In November 2017 Michael David Thomas stepped, uninvited, into the lobby of a luxury hotel in Montreal to use the piano that sat silent in the lobby. Soon after Dirge 2.0 was born, a tribute to a departed friend.
Thomas had travelled from his home in Australia to Montreal to pay respect to an illustrious late friend on the occasion of his Yartzeit, or anniversary of his death. The anniversary of someone’s passing is significant and celebrated in Judaism as it is believed that the spiritual achievements of one’s life, including every positive thought, word, or action, radiate and are revealed in the universe on that day.
This latest single release by Michael David Thomas brings out all the complexities that make him an unusual artist and gripping songwriter. His songs spawn from a strong Australian songwriting tradition interwoven with his depth of musical appreciation and distinctive musical influences by the greats such as Dylan and Cohen, however it is Michael’s reflective character, unique perspective and way of expressing the vulnerability, humour and darkness in our human existence which makes the words leap from the notes and grab you by the throat. 

An international songwriter grounded in his home of Brisbane, Australia, Michael David Thomas has worked extensively in Nashville, Montreal and Australia where he became Airlock Records’ third-ever signing (run by ex-Powderfinger player Ian Haug) in 2015 and released his self-titled EP, ‘Michael David Thomas’. 
In Nashville his former band Breaking Hart Benton recorded with acclaimed producer Mark Moffat (Yothu Yindi, The Saints, Tim Finn) and Michael collaborated with other songwriters. His writing receives critical acclaim and his songs are performed by a range of artists internationally.

Dirge 2.0 is out now on major streaming platforms and for purchase through itunes.

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