JIMMY DAVIS Releases Single ‘Hold You Down’

“Holy crap – that voice is electric – COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL!!!”Nkechi Anele, Triple J

“When you roll your ‘r’ as you say ‘creekin floorboards’ a light shines down from heaven and blesses us all with inner peace.” – Tommy Faith, Triple J

“Be Kind is swept up in sweet melodies and stirring nostalgia.” – Happy Mag

Jimmy Davis is an electric, emotive and free-spirited Australian singer-songwriter who has already hit some amazing benchmarks in his career. Davis is now turning things up with the release of his passionate and explosive new alt-rock single ‘Hold You Down’ – OUT NOW!

In 2016, Davis released his first self-recorded independent EP and has since spent time on countless tours and collaborating with a number of highly-praised Australian artists and producers including Adelaide rapper Allday, Thomas Busby (Busby Marou) and former X Factor contestant Caitlyn Shadbolt.

It doesn’t stop there. Davis‘ vocal talent – trained under none other than the world-renowned Chris Isaak – and production skills had him invited to APRA Songhubs in 2018 where he worked with Tibor Gede (Alithia), producer Taka Perry and upcoming stars such as GRAACE, JEFFE and Tia Gostelow.

Now, this new single Hold You Down emanate’s Jimmy’s transition from his indie-folk debut to this powerful, eclectic alt-rock style peppered with pop, blues and even heavy-rock styles. 

This slow-burning track is about bottling up passionate emotions and the inevitable eruption of these feelings. As Davis states:
“The track explains the waves of emotions I felt when I had bottled up an old love and the unpredictable nature that comes with losing your stability mixed with my inner demos clawing their way back to the surface.”
Davis brilliantly captures these dynamics by evolving from a solemn and intimate intro verse and chorus that crescendos to an enrapturing vocal performance. Backed by the band, the track opens up and unleashes with over-driven guitar and belting drums.

With nothing being able to hold Jimmy Davis down, this new track is just a taste of what is to come from this young talent in 2019. 

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