FAUX BANDIT Release EP ‘Rock’n’Roll Simulator 2019’

“The secret to eternal youth is that bass tone.”
(Gemma Pike, Triple J)

“This barges through the gates like a bull on the loose” 
(Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J) 

“This song’s a sweaty mess. Oh wait, that’s me after rocking out hard to this tune.” ★★★★ 
(Dom Alessio, Triple J)

“They’ve been slamming out an uncompromising brand of raw rock ‘n’ roll” (Pilerats)

“Loud, tight and technical alt-rock.” (4ZZZ)

“Gritty raw choruses and chunky riffs; it’s hard to believe this is the work of a two-piece”

“A cocktail of raw vox and slinky riffs, hammered into a groove” (Tone Deaf)

“It all culminates in a thrashing, splashing barrage of rock.” 
(AAA Backstage)

Exploding with their adrenaline pumping hard-rock, Faux Bandit are here, releasing their third EP, ‘Rock’n’Roll Simulator 2019’ OUT NOW ahead of their six-date East-coast tour .

A month ago, the band gave a taste of what was expected with this new 5-track EP with their single The Pros and Cons of Object Permanence. Closing out the EP, it’s the perfect meeting place between hard and indie-rock. It showcased their rage-fueled, cynical humour with the welcomed addition of a third member, Zac Sakrewski on Bass.

Faux Bandit‘s best example of their embedded dry-wit comes out quick on the EP with the title-track. Chugging away with some quick licks before belting out the chorus that requires a content warning, Faux Bandit take stabs – musically and lyrically – at the Rock’n’Roll celebrity lifestyle.

Do Better, Be Better follows with the drums and bass working together, as quickly-spoken-word verses propagate the dishonourable and corrupt nature of government and society – shaping how individuals can and cannot live. When the heavily-distorted guitar drops in for the chorus the bandits keep it simple and share the message that has put them in their place time and time again, “Do better, be better!”.

The third track, Intruder Blues is short and sweet. They ease up on the tempo but maintain the typical Faux Bandit aggression with an accentuated spearing on the beat, big distorted slides, harmonics and noise, and blasting full-band hits. 

Following in similar fashion as Intruder Blues – having an emphasis on each beat – is Sad. Aligning with the fitting title, the vocal melody is layered in darkness and dissonance that run throughout the verses before ascending into the choruses. Ticking all the boxes for all lovers of heavy/ alt and even indie-rock, this track takes an epic transition from the chorus, into a feed-back looping bridge, to a passionately hostile outro.

‘Rock’n’Roll Simulator 2019’ is the best yet from Faux Bandit as they reign in on their very own sound that pushes their rock and rage harder than ever.

Off the back of the release of the EP, these bandits are on tour throughout August and September, playing 7 shows throughout Brisbane, Ipswich, Sydney and Melbourne. More tour details can be found below.

‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Simulator’ Tour Dates

August 11 – Frankie’s Pizza – Sydney | Event Page
August 17 – The Bearded Lady – Brisbane | Event Page
September 5 – The Vineyard – Melbourne | Event Page
September 6 – Young Supper Club – Melbourne | Event Page
September 7 – Bombay Rock – Melbourne | Event Page
September 13 – Banshees Bar – Ipswich | Event Page

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