THE MOLOTOV Release New Single ‘Break’

Today, The MOLOTOV unleash their brand new single BREAK, from their upcoming album ‘ RESISTENTIA ‘ …

The MOLOTOV are an Australian 5 member, female and male, heavy hybrid-rock band based on the Gold Coast. Their sound is a powerhouse mix of driving rhythms, layered harmonies and full screaming fury. 

Shannon-Lee Sloane from GCLive said “The Molotov have taken their combined influences… together with their own unique talents and created a thing of pure beauty and madness”.

BREAK is an upbeat, defiant and high-energy song, an exciting glimpse of what’s to come with the new album. The single and video drops today, Friday August 2nd for Radio, Bandcamp, Youtube and Facebook and to Spotify, iTunes, etc.

The 12 track album ‘RESISTENTIA,’ to be released October 2019, takes The MOLOTOV‘s hard hitting style, progressive and politically controversial lyrics and unique cross-genre sound to a new level. Songs vary from the upbeat single Break and the complex and melodic prog-rock of Rising Tide, to the anthemic rap of In the Red and the heavy and vicious Touch.

The mix of Jayde’s melodic singing and furious screaming, Scart’s driving rhythmic guitar and vocals, Claire’s innovative bass and vocal harmonies, Paul’s syncopation on drums and Dan’s lush synth and heavy riffs on 2nd guitar, create a sound described by reviewers as “uniquely brilliant“.

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