ALBUM REVIEW: Allday – ‘Starry Night Over The Phone’

Words by Shannon-Lee Sloane – The Colourful Writer.

The first time I heard Allday was when he was singing about Girls In Jeans back in 2011. I have always had a broad taste in music and my passion for Hip Hop has always been something that runs deep. My love for Aussie Hip Hop artists runs even deeper. I was fascinated by Allday from the get go and I’m not gonna lie, had a crush from the first time I saw him in that purple beanie and brightly patterned, almost clown like jumper in the clip to the song. I played the song on loop for months. I’ve followed him ever since.

Allday’s latest creative musical offering ‘Starry Night Over The Phone’ was released on July 12 via ONETWO and is his third studio album. It was recorded in Los Angeles, where Allday currently resides and was executively produced by Simon Lam. The album kicks off with Restless and features the stunning voices of The Veronicas (Lisa and Jessica Origliasso). To be honest, this was not a team up I expected, but it works, and the single is catchy as heck. The Veronicas are quite an iconic part of Aussie pop, having been doing their thing since 2004. The mix of the pop Queens vocals with Allday‘s vibe is a perfect match. The lyrics show a softer side of Allday, a sad love song of sorts, a call out to a partner questioning where they are at “Where did this come from darlin’? out of the blue, did you only love me when you had nothing else to do?…” The song also features a soprano saxophone. Again, something I wasn’t expecting from Allday but it works so well with the softness and sadness of the song and adds to the depth of the feelings invoked from this track.

Don’t Wanna Push You Away Anymore is delicate and gentle and almost sounds like an apology to a girlfriend. Perhaps a relationship that started out casual and became more, no more pushing away from it, but going in and letting it become something more. The lyrics and music are soft, like a delicate embrace.

Track three, Protection gets things jumping a little more. A more upbeat track to some extent, though the whole album really does have a softness in its whole flow. This track gets me bouncing more though. Atmosphere has something about it that reminds me a little of some earlier Allday tracks, it’s reminiscent of Eyes On The Road, a favourite of mine from the ‘Loners Are Cool’ EP released in 2013.

See You When I See You Feat. Lonelyspeck (Sione Teumohenga), an Adelaide based songwriter and producer whose Facebook page states his genre is pop / earth sciences / alternative metal. An interesting mix and way to explain his sound, he creates ambient spaces that have you drifting to another realm. This team up is perfection for this album. As Allday really does take his listeners on a journey through starry skies, floating from track to track.

Best Life seems to take influence from almost some 70’s style of tunes when it kicks off. A song about living your best life, it’s a positive upbeat tune. Lungs was the third single released from the album and features the lyrics “I was Nemo, brain was cloudy like a Miso” which makes me smile each time I hear it. The reference to Nemo and Miso soup suggesting his mind was unclear and he was feeling lost. What Do You Think starts its flow with “Used to have bad problems, now my problems good, I ain’t even bad, I’m just misunderstood…” This is a standout track for me. The lyrics, the flow, the groove. It’s a bit of a ‘fuck you’ I’ll do as I please kind of song. Rhythms has me bouncing one minute then gently grooving the next. But then the whole album has me doing that really. Hold On seems like a cry out, a call out to hold on and hang in there. The steady tone Allday sings in, along with the continuous beat, feels like a steady heartbeat, pumping strong, despite the struggles in life. Just keep going.

Wonder Drug, the final track on the album, was the first single released. The film clip makes me think of the Netflix series ‘Black Mirror’ with several moments that remind me of certain episodes. The clip commences with Allday holding a gun to his head but picking up the phone instead of pulling the trigger. The lyrics “waiting on a wonderdrug” a reflection of how so many of us are waiting for something to get us through this life. Something to make things easier. Something to soften the daily blow upon blow of the overwhelmingness life delivers. Well, there is something that does that; it’s music. Music is my ‘wonderdrug’ and Allday’s new album is another pill in the pillbox of music that gets me through each day.

The blended mix of Hip Hop, R&B, Pop and the somehow ambient yet energetic sounds this album brings is a next step up for Allday. Everything he has released has been gold, but this one shines in a new, perhaps more sophisticated light. Having followed his creative musical paths for many moons, I feel somewhat proud of him for this release and I really hope he does too. I can’t wait to see what he brings us next.

Allday commences his Australian ‘Starry Night Over The Phone’ national tour this month, playing shows in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne. Brissy has just sold out but you can grab tickets to the other shows, though I recommend you move fast so you don’t miss out!

You can purchase yourself a copy of the album + purchase tickets to his upcoming tour HERE.

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Tickets here

Sat 17 August – Metro City, Perth – 18+
Fri 23 August – Fortitude Music Hall, Brisbane – AA
Sat 24 August – Hordern Pavilion, Sydney – AA
Fri 30 August – HQ Complex, Adelaide – AA
Sat 31 August – Festival Hall, Melbourne – AA

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