BAT FOR LASHES Reveals New Single ‘Feel For You’ + Album ‘Lost Girls’ Out September 6

“Over Eighties-vibed polyrhythmic beats and melodies destined to fuel sultry dance floor moves, Khan cuts to the chase with yearning clarity.”


 “Feel for You” basks in the glow of ’80s-era atmospherics.”


 “… buoyant, colour-laden…’Feel For You’ is rooted in plastic 80s pop, aligning this with a funky guitar and a bristling, uplifting feel.”


Having laid some tantalising video clues for what to expect from her forthcoming album ‘Lost Girls’ including a self-directed video for Kids In The Dark today Bat For Lashes aka Natasha Khan drops a second taster with Feel For You.

Kids in the Dark set the scene, a gauzy power ballad that stretches out like a shadow in the evening sun.  Feel For You reveals a whole other side to ‘Lost Girls’ revelling in the delights of pure, 80s hued pop, with scratches of funk guitar, strutting drum patterns, and a timeless sing-along chorus, having introduced us to her gang of nocturnal ‘Lost Girls’ Khan now takes us on supernatural night-riding adventure with this as our protagonists theme song.

Spanning 10 tracks, ‘Lost Girls’ sees Khan dreaming up her own fully formed parallel universe, creating an off-kilter coming of age film in which gangs of marauding female bikers roam our streets and teenagers make out on car hoods. The women of ‘Lost Girls’ are parallel to one of Khan’s previous female protagonists, the street tough, darkness-driven Pearl, from her 2009 lauded album ‘Two Suns.’  Within the women of ‘Lost Girls’ and the character Nikki Pink, Khan unfolds elements of herself; within these songs, we do the same.

‘Lost Girls’ is an album full of romance, a homage to Los Angeles, to being a kid in the 80’s, to films that touched and changed her life.  Much more will be unveiled in the coming weeks…


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