FESTIVAL REVIEW: Outmoshyama Festival, Backbone – East Brisbane Bowls Club, 27/07/2019

Words by Rangi White.

The usual riverside serenity of Mowbray Park decided to vacate itself on Saturday as the baddest bowls club in Brisbane, Backbone (East Brisbane Bowls Club) played host to the third year of ‘Outmoshyama’ Festival, the annual all ages gathering of heavy music conjured by the good samaritans at Pulpitation Music Promotions. There was jumping castles, sausage sizzles, and bone crushing riffs…basically all you can ask for in a day and massive kudos to Chris and Kelly Ross for their gargantuan effort in organising the event, and sponsors Coopers, Nimbin Hills Mag Group, Desi Lou Photography, Pulpitation Studios, Scarlet Harlotte, The DJ Struth Mate show, and the Original Music Group for helping facilitate it. An extensive 12 hour expose of brutal goodness was what I was treated to and treated is definitely the necessary word to use there…I was surrounded by community, passion, incredible music and incredible bands, and the united love of heaviness was palpable in the air.

Any mid morning strollers would have been rather taken aback as local black/thrash metallers Death Plague opened the day on the Pulpitation stage at the former end of the venue, bringing their energy and rhythmic intensity in full force despite the general lesser numbers you’d expect at a mid morning metal show…most of the metalheads I know are nocturnal, so to see such enthusiasm regardless was cool. Talented young punk frothers Lunchtime brought their kickass 90’s inspired sound and rocked hard too, the combination of two female vocalists being the anomaly of vocal tones for the day. Couldn’t help but laugh at the irony of guitarist Mitchell Quinn being the only fellow in attendance with corpse paint…at a heavy metal festival, it seemed very punk of him.

Black Banner gave the Pulpitation stage a run for its money too, I’d never seen this band before and their classic thrash sound was music to my ears. That was pretty fucken dumb to say but I’ll stand by it. Frontman Anthony Palmer has a vocal tone that walked straight out of Southern California in the 80’s, and his lead guitar work was impressive…not the sort of band I’d think was from the Sunshine Coast, though the lack of shoes onstage may have been indicative..

One of the most admirable things I noticed about the entire event was how it catered to all ages, there was a brilliant mix of families, fans and bands of all age demographics mingling and connecting over their adoration of each other and their music…newly formed Among The Ruined demonstrated the talent held in the hands of the younger generations of heavy music fans. They played an energetic set on the Outmoshyama stage on the latter end of the venue, and I liked their atmospheric post hardcore sound, it was melancholic in timbre but still musically forceful, hard hitting. It’s endearing to see performers of that style emulating the music they play with appropriate onstage physicality, especially at a younger age.

Piston Fist crushed the Pulpitation stage with their fast paced rock n roll badassery, despite the onstage difficulties experienced by the drums it was a hell of a show. The vocals are grimy and the lead guitar work was composed well, both in how it was written and how it was performed. A mechanically tight group of obvious classic metal lovers, the fuck-you attitude they imbue into their music is audibly entertaining and cool to watch…their sound smells and tastes like petrol…my head was definitely spinning.

Bringing a more modern sounding metal attack was NSW groove metal lords Carbon Black. I’m a sucker for hardcore metal with guitar solos and the lead guitar work was top notch…complimented by vocalist Jon Hurley’s epic melodic screams, the subsequent sonic experience was absorbing and their songs to me inspire a solace in anger…touching and heartfelt in places, powerful and effectual in others. In another showcase of local talent Zero 1 Zero played a stellar set, ripping up the stage as per usual and keeping in the niche of good quality groove metal, and vocalist Chris Miller showed his talent off with genuine ferocity. His control over his tonal dynamic being impressive as always, with articulative melodies and ear-rending screams alongside musical complexity Zero 1 Zero always provide a wicked example of metal professionalism…enough so for Steel Panthers, Michael Starr to give them a hilarious shout out on cameo for Outmoshyama and their new single Eye in the Sky.

More people were starting to fill out the room at this point in the day as the sun set and the impending dusk brought a much more appropriate mood to the venue…although everyone was enjoying the jumping castles outside (Metalheads young and old) now the focus was inside on the insane musical brilliance being exhibited by the bands coming up. Kold Creature played an epic show, with Chris Ross (Pulpitation Studios, half the mastermind behind Outmoshyama) showcasing his bands stupefying knack for evil sounding groove metal, their rhythmic overly was tribal in parts and complex and modern in others, the catchiness of the riffs mingling with the pure awesomeness of Lyndon Bauer’s ruthless melodic lead guitar work. Chris’s voice is definitely that of a long term metal loving veteran, and if the festival around me wasn’t enough to judge the man’s passion by then I can say it is fairly evident in his vocal cords and compositions… the thought “pleasantly Machine Head” came to mind while witnessing. In the disarray of their performance someone pulled me aside and slipped a free copy of their CD ‘A Weakened State’ into my pocket with a smile…physical evidence to me that the underground metal scene of Brisbane is alive and well for a reason.

Up next was the throw-down-hardcore-pure-fucking-holy-shitted-ness of New Clear Vision, Sunny Coast’s resident Nu-metal masters and their violent display of musical barbarity, something I hadn’t seen before and am sure glad I did. Whether it was the blood-spattered Hazmat suits, gas masks, guns or balaclavas that took my attention most or the intensity of their uncompromising riff-mastery I’m still not sure, but their particular brand of radioactive rap/metal was something to behold. Featured on the ‘Outmoshyama stage’ was the ever-deafening Massic who’s hardcore sound is something I find very easy to appreciate…their chaotic manipulation of tonality in both the vocals and guitar tones was mind bending for my dilapidated brain (9 and a half hours of metal will leave you so..) to comprehend, and their whole performance echoed aggressiveness and power. It’s encouraging to see that within the heavy bands of this scene all of the members are so fond of each other and have such a great appreciation of the others art…proven by Chris of Zero 1 Zero gettingup and featuring in one of Massic’s songs, then Simon from Massic getting up and performing a song with headliners FRANKENBOK showed that appreciation spreads interstate as well.

Speaking of, FRANKENBOK. What an experience, Victoria must have some fucked up shit going on down there to produce such a twisted, hate packed but powerful culmination of sound. I was discombobulated by a lot of their outrageously complex syncopated rhythms but the way they did it wasn’t indicative of progressive metal or anything…they are the definition of hard and loud. Between Daniel White’s bloodcurdling vocal work and the relentless shredding of the rest of the band things got energetic real quick, with White taking advantage of the ground level stage and getting up in the faces of everyone with eardrums resilient enough to be close to the stage. Alongside easily the most hectic cover of Sunshine of your love, I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing, I saw some proper mastery of genre and I loved it.

I don’t know if I’ve been more exhausted at the end of a gig before but I’m glad that I held out for as long as I did, the music and the people featured at Outmoshyama was without a shadow of a doubt, worth it. I met people I’d never met before, heard sounds I had no clue were humanly possible and was left sore but real bloody appreciative…During DisKust’s set I watched Chris and Kelly Ross standing together from behind the merch desk looking on to the present crowd like proud parents, and once again the tightness of the metal scene was exhibited to me just through witnessing the dedication and passion of others. With the success of Saturday, I’m hoping that come next year, the festival will grow once more…to the benefit of every heavy music lover who hears about it.      

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