GIG REVIEW: Torizon, For The Wolves + Failed Assimilation, The Brightside, Brisbane, 27/07/2019

Words By Tracey Moyle.

Brisbane band Torizon are building a solid following and last night they held a multiple single launch at The Brightside officially showcasing four brilliant songs a giving the fans a taste of who the band truly are. Along with local cohorts Failed Assimilation and For The Wolves also on the bill, it was a night of rock, heavy enough to crush a planet.

Failed Assimilation have been performing around Brisbane and interstate for four years with John Green on Vocals, Siebz, – Bass, Jay Hilliard  – Programming, Keys and Backing Vocals and Cameron Rees on Guitar.  Their post industrial sound has their own blend across genres with electro-industrial, post punk  and metal fusions giving them a familiar yet unique sound.

Opening with heavy industrial sounds, AMID left everyone with no doubt about the musically emotive ride we were about to take.  Green’s vocals, harsh and emotional, then took us into Wolves with Hilliard’s programming and Siebz bass creating that cold-wave feel. Filth left us with and empathetic feeling of anguish and Ascension took a more hard-core approach whilst keeping true to the dark industrial sounds. Fashion was followed by a cover of Popular by Nada Surf and finishing off the set with the frenzy of Reset, with its machine gun riffs the guys were unfortunately cut short from finishing the set with their single Guns much to the disappointment of a few fans.  But still a good set.

Torizon took the stage next ready to give their gathering fans a taste of their much anticipated  new music. With the band in place Polarity rang out and the gorgeously gothic leading lady Mish made a grand entrance to cheers from the fans. Her dynamic vocals belting out over Julio’s hammering bass showing off her powerful range from the start.  Straight into Falling, the first of the official launches and although the pace has slowed, not the heavy tone.  A song Mish wrote of empowerment and courage, the connection to the lyrics shines through in the emotion of her vocals with defiance in the lyrics pushing the point through in the chorus.   Shine On, another deeply personal song lyrically Mish penned, calling out to those who need to hear it.  Pushing home the point that you can Shine On, you shouldn’t stay oppressed by anyone and you can overcome self doubt with a determined calling in the chorus – “Cause now I’m gonna Shine On”.  

Hey You was next, another from the official launch list and again the gorgeous lead doing what she does best claiming the crown and owning the stage.  Lead guitarist Nick’s riffs, hook us in and the crowd are loving it.  Another incredibly personal song of hypcrocity and abuse of power, of gaining and listening to your own inner strength and rising above manipulation and abuse.  Again the emotion behind the lyrics ring through in the passion in Mish’s vocals and has the crowd jumping through the punchy chorus.   Full of powerful vocals, heavy guitar riffs, the song rising and falling in all the right places. Hey You is my stand out of the new releases. Immerse is the new single and has all the power and intensity of the ideal heavy rock track.  Again with lyrical meaning as heavy as the track itself, bringing the awareness of anxiety and depression to light.   Adrian’s drumming builds the intensity and has guitar support from Ash and Nick with Julio keeping the rhythm solid on bass.

The band debut a brand new song next, with Chasing Dream, a slightly slower paced, almost Prog style track,  again well received by the crowd.  Although Mish’s impressive vocals can at times be riding close to the overpowering barricade of guitars, she commands the stage and her power and presence is dominant. Keeping the flowing progression, another new song is next with Mirrors. Compelling and emotive with an almost ethereal bass, gradually falling into rapid intensity, it’s another impressive debut. Continuing with heavy bass, massive guitar intensity charging in and rapid drumming, working together has Mish’s demanding vocals telling it like it is in Stone Cold Silence. Finally the set ends with Ocean’s. A rapid stop/start intro -leading into heavy riffs and soul piercing vocals.  A brilliant way to take out a set of massive riffs, deep and emotive lyrics, performed with power and authentically stirring empathy giving the songs a very real and raw feel.   A brilliant launch for Torizon.

For The Wolves are no strangers to performing around Brisbane and are the final act take the night out and hit the stage with a massive sound and heavy riffs kicking off with Fading.  Taking us into another classic heavy rock quintessential track with Got A Light,  with catchy hooks  and great solo’s they know how to give the crowd good solid rock.  No slowing down the dominant bass and heavy licks are up front in Dreams. With Brad Andrew’s vocals showing restrained power with a surge and decline throughout taking the song into a different rock element.    Anthony Molynex takes over the intro, drumming us into Call of the Wild  followed by a bust of heavy guitar licks and Andrew vocally pulling  it back momentarily only to amp it back up to the guitar driven chorus. Great guitar solo at the bridge giving it that perfected rock song feel. 

Exposing their musical influences fully with a cover of Jimi Hendrix classic All Along the Watchtower, they then followed on with a drums reverberating around the small venue and guitars blazing in Verses. Bringing on a new song with Crown, a heavy riff driven, bass thumping assault on your musical senses.  Taking you away in the bridge, driving it home with it’s heavy rock vibe and killer bass lines, a brilliant new track.   Taking the pace back with power but not intensity, Karma gives the impression of calmness but is taken over by vocal energy in the chorus. A heavier emphasis on rhythm and great guitar licks.   Taking the night out with Through The Fire, For the Wolves end the evening on a high.    

Another night showcasing the diverse amount of talent Brisbane has to offer.  Rock is dominating in this city within all it’s diversified genres, giving every music fan something to go hunting for.   Get out there.  Go and support the amazing live scene Brisbane is so desperate to build into something monumental.

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