SUPERHEIST Sign With Art Is War Records + Release New Music Video For ‘Crush The Crisis’

The current music climate is dynamic and forever evolving, and Australian heavy music stalwarts Superheist have proven once again why they demand respect amongst the pack with the announcement of their international signing to the burgeoning US record label Art Is War Records and the release of their new music video for Crush The Crisis.

Superheist fans know what to expect when it comes to our music. It’s heavy, groovy, and crafted with conviction – Crush The Crisis is no different! We’re excited to galvanise our international partnering with Art Is War Records with this new music video, which encapsulates the passion of the track and the energy of our sold out show in Melbourne when we played there as part of our HeistFest tour earlier this year. Crush The Crisis and the whole ‘Sidewinder’ record was an intense and rewarding undertaking, and we’re looking forward to working with Art Is Ware Records to inject Superheist into the lives of folks across the globe.” dw Norton of Superheist.

With Superheist now joining bands like Skinlab, Pissing Razors and fellow Aussie Black Mountain Music label mates From Crisis To Collapse on the Art Is War Records roster, they are now set to have their brand represented across the North American, United Kingdom, European and Asian markets via an international deal through AIW Records. “Crush The Crisis is indicative of the entire ‘Sidewinder’ album because its jam packed with those quintessential thick ‘Heist’ style riffs and edgy subject matter, delivered in the accustomed aggressive style of front man Ezekiel Ox. I’m a big fan of this band and very much looking forward to working with Superheist for many more record cycles into the future” – Lucas Joyner, Art Is War Records CEO.

‘Sidewinder’ is OUT NOW via Black Mountain Music (AU/NZ) and Art Is War Records (Rest of world), and is available to view or purchase on all digital download and streaming platforms here.

Physical copies of ‘Sidewinder’ are available now from the Superheist webstore, MGM webstore, Black Mountain Music webstore, and also available to order from all leading music retailers across Australia.

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