EP REVIEW: Poor Little Things – Self Titled Debut EP

Words by Shannon-Lee Sloane – The Colourful Writer.

Poor Little Things is the musical collaboration of Tina Jackson (vocals) and Dave Talon (guitar, bass, vocals) with Fernando Marlboro (drums).You might recognise Talon from the timeless and much loved, ROLLERBALL. ROLLERBALL are one of Brisbane/Gold Coast’s finest stoner rock bands from the late 90’s, and they had a steady fan base then as much as they do now. Poor Little Things are not stoner rock, but as Talon mentions in a recent Facebook post, he ain’t no ‘one trick pony’ and this musical collaboration sees him rocking out old school rock’n’roll style. Think a good blended mix up of Joan Jett, The Divinyls, Sabbath, Motley Crue, The Kills and Magic Dirt and you’ve got an idea of what you’ll get from Poor Little Things. Their debut release is a 5 track self-titled EP and it’s currently on high rotation at my place.

Track one, ROCK’N’ROLLER throws us straight into a purposely messy and loud cacophony of drums, guitars and bass – old school rock and roll served straight up. It’s dirty and messy with raspy, grunty vocals and it’s everything you want a rock song to be. The track actually reminds me of a local Brisbane band I know and love, Heavy Roller, who funnily enough have the drummer from ROLLERBALL, Cam, in their band! Small world. But then it’s not really when it comes to music right? Musical souls are all drawn together in one way or another. Listening to this track and thinking of Heavy Roller just makes me want to see a live show with Poor Little Things, ROLLERBALL and Heavy Roller all on the one line up. What a delicious line up of stoner rock and pure rock’n’roll that would be! Like some kind of glorious rock’n’roll burger with the lot! Can we make this happen guys?

Jackson’s vocals on track two, Break Another Heart reminds me so much of Adalita from Magic Dirt. I absolutely adore Adalita so I am a big fan of this track. Definitely my standout track from the EP. With Jackson’s smooth and grungy vocals backed up by a catchy riff, sing along backup vocals and clap along moments with some classic lead guitar solo moments as well. It’s got it all.

Drive is a track that has my imagination flowing, a song that takes you places; I can actually imagine driving down a dusty old country road in a roofless car, cranking this tune super loud, hair blowing in the breeze, snakeskin boots, tight jeans and a ‘fuck everything’ attitude. In fact, if they are going to release a single from the EP and do a video clip, I think I just nailed it right there. Something about this track also somehow reminds me of Renee Zellweger singing Sugarhigh by Coyote Shivers at the end of Empire Records. I think it’s the raw feel of the vocal and the recklessness of the track. With the repetitive backing vocals and chorus, there is almost a slight punk feel to it in places, but the guitar is full rock and fucking roll.

About Love slows things down for a minute. It’s almost bluesy rock and had me bopping my head while typing my review. Jackson’s vocals are pure rock vocals, but they are somehow versatile in that too, in this track I get a Chrissy Amphlet mixed with a little Blondie feel. Talon’s guitar work in this track also highlights the talent and ability to play a mix of styles. The softness of this track gives me a 90’s alternative rock, almost grunge-y vibe to it. The final track Street Cheater sees both Jackon’s and Talon’s vocals working perfectly together, they complement each other well. The song gives me a bit of a Motley Crue vibe. The guitar work and riffs in this track are delivered brilliantly. The track completes the EP to perfection but leaves me thirsty for more. The EP was released last year and has just become available on a limited edition 12″ vinyl. We all know that everything sounds even more amazing on vinyl, so I highly recommend you grab one now. Poor Little Things are currently based in Switzerland but I hope they make it to Australia to play here soon!

If you live to rock and rock to live, get your ears around some Poor Little Things.

You can grab a copy of the EP on a limited edition 12” vinyl or download a digital copy via their Bandcamp HERE.

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